Self- Love: Forgiveness- Thank you.

The four steps to Forgiveness are one of the tools I use for building love and trust in myself.
I encourage you to try it for you, and see how this process can heal and free you from your past.
Celebrating you, you are your greatest gift, to yourself.

Welcome to this weeks Podcast.

Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast,
I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin

I am a certified life coach, and the founder of Authentic Living Coaching.
I am passionate about helping you to help yourself.
It is my intention that each and every one of us has the
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Living life on your terms, and being your authentic self.

Hello, My Friends

Welcome to Episode 37

Over the last month I have been sharing the way I choose to forgive myself and others.
Forgiveness is about Loving yourself, I believe that Loving yourself is the most important and best gift you can give yourself.
Self forgiveness is one of the greatest acts of love you can extend to yourself.

Remember that Forgiving yourself is about you, for you, it may or may not involve the actions of other people.
Self -forgiveness is about you letting go of the pain or the experience that is causing you harm, and pain.
Forgiveness is not about letting anyone off the hook, it is about releasing the invisible emotional cords that bind you emotionally to the person or situation that is holding you captive.
It is about you regaining your power.

The System I use to forgive myself and others has 4 steps to it. I’m sorry, I forgive you, I love you, Thank you.
Let’s do a short recap. Step number one is saying I’m sorry, this is where you acknowledge you are sorry, you are talking to your mind, your body, and your spirit.
The purpose is to acknowledge to yourself that you recognise you are willing to do something about your situation.

Step number two is saying I forgive you, this is where you are talking to yourself as if you were sitting in the chair opposite you.

Remember: There is never any space for self beat ups in this process. It is about you being open and honest with yourself. You already know how you feel, you are bringing those feelings to the table to be looked at and forgiven.
The purpose of forgiving yourself is to set you free from all the self incriminating thoughts you hold against yourself, for what you did, or did not do.
Stating to yourself, I forgive you, and then accepting that forgiveness from yourself is very freeing.

Step number three, is I Love You, we covered this last time, as a quick reminder this is where you get to tell yourself all the reasons you love who you are. How you love your mind, your body and your spirit.

Today we will be investigating step number four, Thank You.
This is the celebrating step, it is the step that cements all the others. Gratitude is a huge part of saying thank you to yourself, your situation or the event, person or emotion you are choosing to forgive.
Remember you are always in the seat of power. No-one or no-thing can harm you when you are in the forgiveness seat of power.
Okay, the idea of saying Thank You to yourself is to acknowledge that all the things you have been through have brought you to this moment. Each event and person including yourself has impacted the way you have grown and who you have become.
Today we say thankyou for those learnings, even the negative and painful learnings have things we can be grateful for.

Since we have been using the example of not eating healthily, we will continue on with this.
Imagine yourself sitting opposite yourself, in the seat of power. You have stated to your mind, your body and your spirit that you are sorry, acknowledging where you are, you have also asked for forgiveness and received forgiveness from your body, your mind and your spirit. Still in the seat of power you have shared all the reasons you love yourself with I love you statements. And now you get to share all the ways you appreciate yourself.
Let’s begin by imagining you are sitting opposite yourself. You look at yourself, (You can use a mirror if you are brave.)
Thank You, Linda, (Use your name, it works better when it’s personal.) Thank you for being a woman who likes to plan, I appreciate the way you organise your surroundings.
Thank You mind, you are intelligent, I am so grateful that you collect data and information from everywhere for me to make sound decisions.
Thank You for choosing to eat. I wouldn’t be here if you didn’t choose to eat. I appreciate that you know what foods are better to be eaten, and that you are willing to look at them.
Thank you body for working with the foods I have given you as fuel, I appreciate that you keep on keeping on even when the going is tough and the outlook is bleak.
I am so grateful that I have a body that can move, that is able to work effectively.
Thank you for the essence that is me, the part of me that makes me unique. You give me strength when I want to quit, You are my inspiration and my motivation.
I appreciate how the three work together to create a complete whole, and wonderful person.

If you are working through a situation that is not of your choosing, look for all the ways you have adapted and grown because of the challenges you have faced.
Let’s say you have a mother who blames you for her life. You can thank her for making you strong in the ability to be responsible for yourself. You can thank yourself for coping with situations and events that could have worked out way worse.
The idea is to find the ways the person, situation or thing has given you skills you wouldn’t have had, had you not gone through the experience.
Within every situation there is a benefit, the key is to flip the ‘negative’ things over and look for the silver lining. The ‘positive’ things that come from, or can come from a situation.
This is what Thanking Yourself is all about.
Appreciating you now, as you are. Your strengths and your weaknesses. Your hurts and your joys. Your victories and your defeats.
They are all part of you. This part of the process is to remind you of your uniqueness, you are one of a kind, there is no-one like you anywhere. Be confident in this. Celebrate being you.
You are incredible.

I hope that this format of forgiveness helps you as it has and continues to help me, come to terms with my history and my everyday.

If at any time through this process of Forgiveness: I’m sorry, Forgive me/I forgive you, I Love You and Thank you, you feel triggered please seek professional advice and help. I am not a registered medical practitioner, I am sharing my experience of forgiveness in the hopes it will help you with your journey to health and well-being. Personal emotional freedom and self love.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦

Live your best life, Know yourself and live your life authentically.
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