Ep #8. Caring for your #1 Asset

Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast, I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin I am a certified life coach, and the founder of Authentic Living Coaching. I am passionate about helping you to help yourself. It is my intention that each and every one of us has the information we need to make the best decisionsContinue reading “Ep #8. Caring for your #1 Asset”

Confidence: Gather Evidence

Confidence: Gather Evidence Hello, My Friends Faith and action are part of the cycle of gathering evidence. Evidence is the result of your action. When evidence is mixed with discipline and self belief it confidence grows. You begin to see yourself in a new way.You begin to show up in ways that hold yourself accountable.YouContinue reading “Confidence: Gather Evidence”

Meanings are yours to choose.

What does this mean to you? What are you making it mean about you? Hello, My Friends This week I joined with 43 joggers, runners and walkers on the Whanganui Parkrun. The starter sets us on our 5 kilometre timed event. As I’m generally a very goal focused person, I find these events invigorating, howeverContinue reading “Meanings are yours to choose.”

Tiny Actions And Accountability

At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves -Our success is a result of what we do and who we are. Quote: Catherine Pulsifer Picture: Gantas Vaiciulenas on Unsplash Hello, My Friends As 2021 draws to an end, I tend to have a review of the previous year. This year has beenContinue reading “Tiny Actions And Accountability”

Grace: Extending Goodwill, Space and Time.

Grace means That all of your mistakes Now serve a purpose Instead of serving shame. Brene Brown Picture: Aron Visuals @unsplash.com Hello, My Friends. This week flew by so quickly I missed my writing day, so here I am showing up a day late. Authentic Living with Linda is based around wisdom and truth wrappedContinue reading “Grace: Extending Goodwill, Space and Time.”

LOVE: Love Offers Value to Everyone

Love Offers Value to Everyone. No proving it No earning it No bargaining for it No begging for it. You deserve love because you are here. You are valued because you are here. Hello, My Friends. The more I learn about loving myself, and loving those in my life, the more I realize I haveContinue reading “LOVE: Love Offers Value to Everyone”

The Month of Self-Love: Week Four

Hello, My Friends, This week I stepped out of my comfort zone. I dared to go down the hydro-slide at the local swimming pool with my grandson. Something I have never done before. The orange slide was fun, slipping and skidding along aware of the water and the next twist and turn in the tunnel.Continue reading “The Month of Self-Love: Week Four”

The Month of Self-Love Week Two

Hello, My Friends This week has seen me tenting in the Ruahine Ranges, with my daughter and grand children. I pitched my tent under the Kereru (NZ Wood Pigeon) super highway, all we watched the graceful flight of these heavy birds with their wings displacing the air giving the whoosh sound that lets you knowContinue reading “The Month of Self-Love Week Two”

The Month of Self-Love Week One

Self-Love is owning our story , lovingĀ ourselves through the process, and is the bravest thing that we’ll ever do for ourselves. Hello, My friends This week has flown by with bicycle rides, and sitting in the shade of the trees on the river bank watching the speed boats race, smelling the fuel and having ourContinue reading “The Month of Self-Love Week One”