A Love Letter to My Body

What would you body say to you, if it had the opportunity to voice how it feels about your relationship with yourself?
Today’s Podcast is about this.
Listening to what your body has to say, is part of gaining control of your life.

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Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast,
I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin

I am a certified life coach, and the founder of Authentic Living Coaching.
I am passionate about helping you to help yourself.
It is my intention that each and every one of us has the
information we need to make the best decisions about the way we choose to live our lives.

Living life on your terms, and being your authentic self.

Hello, My Friends
Welcome to Episode # 21

The new year is fast approaching, are you one of the many of us who are beginning to plan what the next year will look and feel like.
Do you write out a plan for who you want to be on 31st Dec 2023?
This is me, I choose a word of the year, that acts as a filter for the decisions I make throughout the year.
I reflect on the year coming to a close, I figure out what I did well, what I did for the first time, and what I didn’t do so well and investigate why this was so.

Part of this year as for every year I can remember, one of my goals is to take better care of my body.
And each year I am getting better, verbal abuse is almost always captured before it is allowed to run riot.
Eating for health and well-being is settling into a healthful rhythm, overeating is becoming less, as I clean and clear out the bottled emotions from my past, the need to eat diminishes.
Moving my body for well-being is also more for well-being than for weight management.
There are still areas I fail to love my body in, and these are on the agenda to be investigated and updated.

While I was perusing my Facebook groups, a post popped into my line of sight.
I am going to share it here with you. This spoke to me as my sweet toothedness and my body often have heated discussions over taste.
My intention is that it will get you thinking about your relationship with your body.

A sweet Love Letter to my Body
My dear sweet body,
First of all I’m Sorry.
I have called you fat.
I have called you worthless.
I have looked in the mirror and wanted you different.

I have eaten food, but tasted guilt.
I have looked for joy, but swallowed sadness.
I have looked for comfort and starved you instead.

From this day on,
I wish everyday to be a celebration,
To enjoy the miracle that is you: My Body.
To nourish you with wonderful delicious food,
To fill you with the sweetness of life.

And as we sit quietly together,
As my heart and Mind love you gently,
Over a plate of Nature’s Candy.
I will celebrate your sweet tooth naturally.

And Every day, in more and more ways.

Letter written by Chef Cynthia Louise.

As I went to write to my own body my letter of love, my body interrupted me and shared her point of view of the way I love my body.

This is a bit raw and maybe personal, authenticity is a bit like that, it’s not always nice or pleasant to hear.
So hear goes.
My body’s love letter to me.

To my owner, operator.

Before you start to tell me how much you love me, I’d like the opportunity to share with you my point of view.

I hear you say you love me,
and yet you ignore me.
You ignore me when I tell you “I’m Thirsty” and need water, not fizzy sugary drinks.
You ignore me when I tell you what I need to eat to function at my best, and still you reach for your favourite unsatisfying foods.
Just because it claims to be healthy or natural is not the same as what I need to function as my optimum.
You ignore me when I tell you I need sleep, by claiming resting while scrolling is good enough.
You ignore me when I’m feeling lethargic and need to go for a walk or a run, you claim you are too tired to move.

You say you love me, and then frown at me in the mirror.
You say you want to look good and then dress me in clothes that don’t suit me.
You say you want better health, to move without pain, and yet you refuse to seek medical help that will make my life easier.

I hear you say you love me, and still you don’t respect me.
I find myself in situations that break my heart.
I find myself crying on the inside, while you put a happy face on the outside.
I find myself feeling emotions that never get recognised.
I find myself alone in my body.

If you really love me, show me some respect.
If you really love me, listen when I speak.
If you really love me, accept me as I am.
If you really love me. Love me, take care of me, nurture me.

All I want is to be treated with dignity, thought and care.

From your overworked and under appreciated body.

What can I say? I am humbled by the words that my body is expressing.

In reply I wrote my Love Letter to my body.

To my dearest hard working, ever present body.

I am sorry, I have lied to you, every year I promise we will get healthier, and every year we remain more or less the same.
I’m sorry, I have not appreciated you as much as I could, with my thoughts, my actions and my spirit.
Forgive me for all the ill treatment you have endured over the years at my negligent hands.
Forgive my foolishness in thinking I knew what you needed, rather than listening to you.
I really do love you. Learning to trust you, respect you and honour you is part of my spiritual growth.
Thank you for being honest with me.
Thank you for supporting me, keeping me alive, and functioning, even in times of neglect and abuse.
Thank you for being strong and carrying me when I wanted to give up.
Thank You for being the fabulous self healing miraculous vessel you are.

It is my pledge to you, my body.
That I am willing to make better choices with the food I eat, the water I drink and the amount of sleep I have.
It is my pledge to you, my body, That I am willing to learn and listen intuitively to how you need me to love you.
It is my pledge to you, my body, To respect you, to dress you in a way that compliments you, to take care of you in a way that honours you.

I promise that when I fail, and I will, now and then. That I have the courage to turn around and investigate what happened and why, to pick myself up and trust that together we can make this body a safe place to live in.
Each small step we take together, hand in hand, my body, my spirit and my mind working in unision, the more united we become, the more authentic we become.

I Love you, I look you in the eye in the mirror and wink at you, blowing you a kiss and thank you for your honesty.


Your challenge for today is to get real and honest with your body.
Where are you in your relationship with your body?
Do you let her run around like a spoiled child? Or do you have her locked down so tight she doesn’t have room to breath and be herself?
Do you have areas that are better cared for than others? The reason why is as important as the action being taken.
Look at why you do what you do with your body, is it from love or from fear.

Have a fabulous day my friends.
Until next time.. Find ways to nourish your body, to listen to your body, to move a little more, to sleep a little more. Uncover your authenticity with your body. Your body is unique, and you are the only one that has the manual to have it healthy and strong.
Oxoxo Linda

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