Your Goals Re-envisioned

How you do what you do, is as important as what you are doing, and why you are doing it.
Bringing your goal down to the smallest task and then scheduling that task with the Smarter goal system. Create trust in yourself to follow through. Energy is key.

See yourself enjoying your goal completed.

Pull the goal toward you one task at a time.

Feel the way you want to feel when you have completed your goal, then move in that energy to make the goal your new reality.

Hello My Friends

Happy New Year!
Have you set out your goals and plans for the new year?
Do you make resolutions?
I did once upon a time, now I set up projects, goals and tasks.
Breaking down what I want to see created, broken down into the smallest achievable set of tasks, gives me focus and direction.

Today I want to talk about how you look at your goal, or tasks.
How we do anything has an impact on how the that thing is perceived, enjoyed or used.
We generally set ourselves up to prove what we think about ourselves to be true.
We can not live in two mental spaces at the same time.
Being of two minds creates a loss of clarity.

So getting focused is really important, you may have set your goal and then decided on a program you believe will give you the information and the motivation to keep going when life happens.
My question for you today is where are you focusing?
What I mean by this is, where is your focus?
Is it on what you want to change? Things like losing weight, not being single and alone, getting out of debt, and not feeling unhappy, discontented or unsatisfied.

I want to suggest that you forget about what you are trying to move away from and create a goal you want to gain.
For example instead of trying to move away from being over weight and over eating, move into your slender self and the you that always eats elegantly, stopping eating when you feel your body signalling it has had enough.
Instead of moving away from what you don’t want, move from the place of you already having achieved what you want.
Use your imagination to try on your new goal.
How does your new goal feel? How does your new goal look? See it in detail.
See yourself sitting at the table eating, with a well set table, eating from a beautiful plate, with food intentionally and beautifully placed on your plate.
Feel yourself eating, using your cutlery, knife and fork, using the napkin to dab at your mouth, taking a sip of crystal clear water in a beautiful wine shaped glass.

Feel how your food tastes, what is the texture? What are the flavours? Can you identify the sweet and the sour? Can you identify the herbs or spices?
Feel how you feel as you enjoy your meal, enjoy the people sharing the experience with you.

This meal feels so different to a meal that is eaten standing at the bench, hiding out of sight from the family.
Eating food that doesn’t get tasted, it goes down the hatch unnoticed and untasted.
Eating that leaves you feeling like you haven’t eaten, looking for more to fill the void.
A meal that is unappreciated, a snack that is snatched while on the run, telling yourself that you don’t have time to sit down to eat.

The difference between these two scenes is how you are thinking about the food you are eating.
You are going to eat anyway.
One way fills your emotional need, but doesn’t give you any satisfaction, it doesn’t fill your longing for self love, and self respect.
The other way, also fills your emotional and your physical need for food, and connection.
When you eat for your emotions, to avoid feeling them, you are eating in a manner that doesn’t give you any long term benefit.
Emotions are for feeling, when you make your meal a celebration you are also filling your emotional need, intentionally.
You know what you are eating, and why you are eating it. You know that the dramaless eating of creating a celebration is sustainable and will lead you to your ultimate goal quicker, because you have shifted your self image, you no longer see yourself as a woman who sneaks food, you no longer feel angry at yourself for eating “bad” foods, because there are no bad foods.
By creating a celebration meal, you are taking your control back from the food.
You are the one deciding what you want to eat on purpose.
Imagine planning to eat a chocolate bar as part of your meal.
Imaging planning to eat the food you love most on purpose.
Imagine not being compelled to eat a certain food, because it is there.
This is all possible when you see yourself eating as your naturally slender self, and you set yourself up for this success.

Today’s challenge is to begin where you are, accept what you want, and then flip it over to see what the outcome you want will look and feel like.
Then figure out ways to create that with fun, joy and excitement.
Plan your goal with the energy you want to have when it is done.
Add the smallest steps of the tasks required to achieve this to your schedule.
No overloading, the energy you do anything is the energy with which you will experience that thing.

Until next time, Be kind to yourself and find the joy of being you. Authenticity is you being you, your way.

If you want help to discover how to generate your goal from the place of joy, peace and fulfillment. Connect with me, and together we can begin to change the way you think about yourself and your goal.
2023 can be the year you achieve your goals once and for always, and gain the skills to achieve whatever goals you want in the future.

oxoxo Linda


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