3 Words That Changed My Life:

I would love to share with you the 3 Words that began the journey I am on now, and the difference they have made to me, as I have learned to trust that they are true and that I can change any thought at any time.
Simple but not always easy to follow up.

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Hello, My Friends
Welcome to Episode # 28

Today I want to talk about self-love and what we believe it to be.
Do you know what your self-love belief is?

For me, it is knowing who I am, being at peace with my past, and trusting myself
to live into the future with the attitude of whoopie, lets see how far this thing goes.

My journey to self-love began with a ‘simple’ revelation.
It isn’t a new revelation, I have heard it over and over all my adult life.
I have read about it in almost every self help, self improvement book I have ever read.
And I have read a few.

For some reason this little phrase and it’s side kick, touched my heart and changed my life.


“If you can think a thought, You can change a thought.”
“All thoughts are optional”

Thoughts become things.
Everything is created twice.
Think about that, roll it around inside your mind.
What do I mean? Everything is created twice.

Everything that is now, once wasn’t.
The chair you are sitting on, wasn’t always a chair, once it may have been a tree, or a sheet
of metal, if you have leather or fabric covering they were something else before they became
furniture coverings.
The bed you sleep in, the television you watch, the book or magazine you read, the phone you use.

There was a time not so long ago, when these things didn’t exist or weren’t as refined as they are now.

Everything is created twice.
When you are hungry, do you think about the food you want to eat?
That’s the first creation.
You think about what you have available and what you want, you decide whether to cook,
or to get take outs, or go out to eat.
Still the first creation.
When you reach into the fridge to prepare your meal, drive to the take away outlet and
place your order, or go to the restaurant, read the menu, then give the waiter your order.
You have begun the process of the second creation.
When the food is set out before you and you are ready to eat.
The second creation is complete.

Everything is created twice.
This is such good news.
It means that between the first creation- our thought about what we want- and the second
creation – the actual thing we were thinking about- becomes reality, we have the opportunity
to change what we are thinking.
Which then changes the reality we create.

Wham! It’s that simple and it’s that hard. All in a small nutshell.

Everything is created twice.
We get to decide what it is we create.

Be a detective, and investigate the times you can see that you created results by the thoughts
you had and the actions, you took to make those thoughts reality.

Did you build a house?
A lot of thought and planning goes into building a house.
A lot of background work happens before the section is purchased, or the first foundation is laid.
Most of this background work isn’t seen by the average person walking past an empty section, all they see is a vacant lot.
However when the proud new owner of this plot of land looks at it, they see the potential of their dream home.
They stand in various positions, visualising their view from the lounge, seeing which way the sun will strike at different times of the day, they see the gardens.
The new owners of the land are creating, they are creating for the first time, in their minds eye.
In reality, they have already created, they created their home well before the land was purchased.
The idea that they could buy land and build a home, began as a seed someone, or some thing planted in their brain.
Over time as they thought about it, they watered the seed and it began to grow, they did some research, watered the seed some more, they began to believe that it could be possible.
They watered that possibility, they took action on their belief and eventually, they created in reality a structure that could be felt, held and lived in.

Our ability to love ourselves is just like that.
It begins with a thought.
That thought might be triggered by something you read, or something you heard. The seed of hope planted, that maybe you are indeed worthy to be loved.
That you can love yourself.
You can find the kindness to extend to your self.
Self love to me is allowing me to be human, and as a human I make mistakes, I laugh, I cry, I hurt, and I hurt others, I also have compassion, and all the human emotions.
And this is okay.

What is your belief around self-love?
Do you believe you are worthy of putting yourself first in your life?
Do you believe that taking care of your body is important, and make it a priority?
Do you believe you can be good enough to live the life you want?
Do you believe you are lovable?

What is your belief about yourself and how you love you?
Your mission for today should you choose to think about it, is to be the detective and investigate the ways you love yourself now.
And listen to your brain giving you all the ideas, on how you want to take care of yourself lovingly.

Thoughts become things.
Think about the ways you can love yourself, and then begin to act on them.
Change your thinking, change your life.
There is freedom in those words.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦

Live your best life, one thoughtful thought at a time, Love yourself and live your life authentically.
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