Confirmation Bias

Have you noticed your words you those of someone else can have a huge impact on the emotions.
By using your brain to tap into your emotions positively you can create momentum.
Words and pictures have power, hence digital devices have so much sway.

Use your words to create mental pictures of what you want.

Use your mental pictures to create emotions

Use your emotions to create momentum.

Hello, My Friends,

There are two things our brain knows and understands.
The first is the words we speak.
The second is the pictures we create in our minds. With the words we speak.

When we use words that create mental pictures, we are more likely to follow through, on what ever we are doing. And if we add emotion to the equation we are more likely to complete what we have started.
Our brain needs to be given direction.
The more vividly you give your brain instruction, the more your brain understands what you want. The brain then sets out to find what you are looking for.

Have you ever found that when you or a close friend is pregnant, every other woman you see is expecting a baby? However just a few months prior you never noticed.
Or maybe you’re looking to purchase a new car, you’ve chosen the make and model you want, you’ve taken it for a test drive. The timing isn’t quite right to purchase now.
All of a sudden you see that car everywhere, your eye is tuned into the ads. You’re looking for a great deal.
This is called confirmation bias, and we can make it work in our favour.
It is important to feed your mind images, specific images of what you want.
Your mind is tailored to find what you focus on.
The mind likes powerful dramatic words that create direction and mental pictures.
It doesn’t care whether they are helpful or not.
I am taking a photograph every day, and I’ve set my mind the task of finding the out of the ordinary, interesting things to snap.
You get to give your mind direction. By pointing my brain in the direction I want it to go, It works for me, finding fabulously different pics to snap everyday.

Your challenge for today is to begin to find a better vocabulary of words.
Find words that bring mental pictures into your mind, that create the emotions you want to feel.
We tend, as humans to use the same vocabulary words over and over, learning new words and meanings, then putting them into conversation seems to be too hard for our brain. Give yourself a challenge and add a few new words every day, choose words that create bright, clear mental images for you.
Words like magnificent, dynamic, loving, pleasurable, valuable, super, fabulous.
Add these words into your day to day conversations.
When someone asks you how your day is, Tell them “It’s a marvelous day,” and watch your mind go, aye what?
You’re saying this day is a marvelous day, lets find all the marvelous things about today.
Compared to “Oh, it’s alright, it’s fine. ” or “it could be better”
Give your brain direction, and give it some enthusiasm. Try it, see the difference it makes.

You and I have the choice of what goes on and what goes into our brains, we can put rubbish in, or we can put encouraging and idea stimulating words and pictures into our brains.
What we put in, is what we will get out. Ever wonder why you do some of the things you do? It’s what’s you’ve been feeding your brain.
Words have power, you have power to use words to uplift and encourage, to spread good news and to inspire others.
You also have the power to drag people down with the words you use.

Today’s Challenge is to exercise your brain, think of a train, then use your minds eye to see it.
Think of your goal complete, imagine it, see it. Then tap into your emotions, what are they feeling.

Pick out one person today, use your words to make them feel good.
How does it feel? Do it, step out of your usual zone and use your words to compliment someone today.
Then notice your feelings. Notice your body response.
words have power, use your power wisely.

Until next time experiment with your thoughts, try them on other people.

Have a great week My Friends, until next time.

xoxox Linda

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