Listen, Listen , Listen

Stretching yourself out of your normal routine, encourages your brain to think in new and unfamiliar ways.
This brings up new feelings,.
Do you listen to your feelings?
Do you care about how you feel?
What is your breaking point?

“Listen with your eyes,

Listen with your ears,

Listen with your heart,

Listen with your intellect,

Listen with your intuition.”

Hello My Friends

This week has been an interesting one for me. I taken up a temporary short term role, which involves going door to door, introducing myself and handing out packs.
When I chose to stretch myself and put myself into unfamiliar surroundings to promote personal growth, I had no idea this would be part of that journey.

I am finding it interesting to note the sentences my brain tells me, how it wants me to procrastinate in certain areas, and now it tries to tell me, I’ll have even less time to do all the things I need to do.
What I’m actually finding to be true, is that the fluff and unimportant, busy stuff is falling away.
I am still writing, recording and seeing clients everyday as well as this temporary role.

So today I want to ask you, How are you stretching your boundaries?
It’s in stretching into the unknown, that we stretch our thinking, we find the things that are just time fillers, and we find out who we are.
Watching tele the other night, I saw an advertisement about being alone and surviving in the wilderness. There catch phrase is “What will it take to break you?”
I commented to hubby, that I couldn’t do that now.
He asked, “Why not, and why now.” My response surprised me, “I care too much now.” “It’s easier to be ruthless when you don’t care.”

That was a knock out statement. “It’s easier to be ruthless when you don’t care.”
I care about how I treat my body.
I care about my mental health.
I care about people in a different way than I did in the past.

Caring can be tough, sometimes because you care, you have to place a red velvet rope around yourself, stating what is important to you and what you will do if what you state is violated.
Then caring enough for yourself and the other person to stay true to what you have stated.
It’s in the staying true to yourself that you build trust in yourself.
It’s in this trust that you gain strength in yourself.
When you care about yourself, you have the ability to care more for others.

In what area’s of your life are you ruthless because you don’t care about how the result is gained?
Or it does it matter to you how the result is achieved.
Sometimes we over-ride other people, we don’t listen, we don’t hear what they are saying to us.
We have our point of view and we perceive we are ‘right’ in our thinking.

I listened to a speech the other day, and the speaker said, the key to getting to know people is LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN.
Listen with your eyes, listen with your ears, listen with your heart, listen with your intellect, and listen with your intuition.
When we get into a “I know better than you,” mindset, we switch off all forms of listening, and hearing because we are focusing on ourselves and how we can prove to those in conversation with us, that we are ‘right’.

Today’s challenge is to care a little more about what those closest to you are saying, hear them with your heart, with your intuition.
This is one of the most vulnerable ways of connecting with people, it opens you to feelings that may not have been given space to breathe before.
Empathy and compassion for how life is for other people.

“What is your breaking point?” What will break your emotional walls? What will bring you closer to your authentic self?
Are you brave enough to explore this inner world?

Until next time, stretch yourself into unfamiliar environments and feel all the emotions that arise.

oxoxo Linda.

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