Discipline: Become a disciple.

Discipline: Become a disciple. Hello, My Friends What are you a disciple of? A disciple is a follower, or believer of a leader, a teacher, a philosophy, or an idea. What are you a disciple of? Who do you follow, or what ideas do you dabble in?We often equate a disciple with the biblical charactersContinue reading “Discipline: Become a disciple.”

Harmony: Who are You?

Harmony: Who are you? Hello, My Friends To have a red velvet rope policy, you need to know who you are. Today is all about getting to know yourself. So, who are you? “Oh, I don’t know, I used to be … but since getting a job, married, having kids I’ve lost myself.”This is somethingContinue reading “Harmony: Who are You?”