The 3 D’s

These three D’s will change your life, as they have changed mine.Learning to live them, putting them into action everyday, not necessarily perfectly, just consistently will make a difference. One decision at a time. Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast,I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin I am a certified life coach, and the founder ofContinue reading “The 3 D’s”

Discipline: Begins in the Mind

Discipline: Begins in the mind. Hello, My Friends Today is the final day of our time studying discipline. I am hoping your view of discipline has moved more to one of fun, and self love. I also hope you have had a bit of fun with the challenges, that as you completed them, you foundContinue reading “Discipline: Begins in the Mind”

Discipline: Act of freedom

Discipline: Is an act of freedom we give to ourselves. Hello, My Friends As we near the end of the month I am hoping that you are seeing and feeling more amiable around discipline.That even though society uses discipline as a means of punishment and a way of keeping people doing what the powers thatContinue reading “Discipline: Act of freedom”

Discipline: Action is required for change

Discipline: Action is required for change. Hello, My Friends Thoughts create sensations in our body, which our brain interprets as emotions, and these emotions have a direct impact on our activities. Also the cycle goes the other way, if we are mindful and make deliberate choices. Our actions have an impact on our emotions whichContinue reading “Discipline: Action is required for change”

Discipline: Celebrate your successes

Discipline: Celebrate your successes. Hello, My Friends How much are you enjoying your life?More now I hope, I hope you have been using discipline in one area of your life consistently and you are beginning to see the benefit to you. As I have said numerous times, our emotions are the guidance system to makingContinue reading “Discipline: Celebrate your successes”

Discipline: Knowing You

Discipline: Knowing You Hello, My Friends Grounding ourselves begins with knowing we are not grounded.How can we get where we want to go, when we don’t know where we are?Learning to follow your internal guidance system will save you from a lot of heart ache. Today I want to talk about responsibility.This is a wordContinue reading “Discipline: Knowing You”

Discipline: Questioning your Feelings

Discipline: Questioning your feelings. Hello, My Friends I have mentioned this a few times this month, and today I want to look at in a bit more detail. EVERYTHING you do, you do it for the feeling you believe you will gain from doing it. Everything you buy, you buy for the believed feeling youContinue reading “Discipline: Questioning your Feelings”

Discipline: Goal Setting

Discpline: Goal setting Hello, My Friends To talk about discipline and not talk about goals would be like having the sun shine all day and night. To set goals is to invoke the need to be disciplined. To dig into the depths of your personality to pull your will power into force.The thing is ifContinue reading “Discipline: Goal Setting”

Discipline: You choose your discipline

Discipline: You choose your discipline. Hello, My Friends The best part about choosing to be disciplined is in the choosing. You get to choose for yourself what area you want to increase your discipline in.You get to decide how long you want to focus on this particular area.Part of my choices around discipline is choosingContinue reading “Discipline: You choose your discipline”

Discipline: Making Friends with Discomfort

Discipline: Making friends with discomfort. Hello, My Friends Discomfort and unfamiliar are two emotions that if we get to know them, can be the cheerleaders of our success. I believe in embracing all our emotions, including the scary, and unpleasant ones.Often we learn more about ourselves, when we are placed in situations that stir upContinue reading “Discipline: Making Friends with Discomfort”