Discipline: Act of freedom

Discipline: Is an act of freedom we give to ourselves. Hello, My Friends As we near the end of the month I am hoping that you are seeing and feeling more amiable around discipline.That even though society uses discipline as a means of punishment and a way of keeping people doing what the powers thatContinue reading “Discipline: Act of freedom”

The big 60. It’s so much fun to be ‘older’.

There is no greater FREEDOM, than the FREEDOM to be yourself. Give yourself that gift, and choose to surround yourself, with those who appreciate you, exactly as you are. Zoe Zantamata Hello, My Friends Over the last 60 odd days, I have been doing one challenge every day. The purpose of this challenge was toContinue reading “The big 60. It’s so much fun to be ‘older’.”

Happiness is… Your Choice!

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends The final day of Happiness is…  We have covered a lot this month.  What is your definition of HAPPINESS? This makes a huge difference to how you feel happy.  I have skimmed over the surface of a lot of information, each one could form it’s own study.  To recap aContinue reading “Happiness is… Your Choice!”

Happiness is… Inner Peacefulness

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Releasing the past emotional ties, frees you to make decisions today that promise to create joy and purpose in your future.  I can’t say it will be easy, or that it will be a one and done deal. What I can say, is the freedom to make decisions based onContinue reading “Happiness is… Inner Peacefulness”

Accountability buddies enhance personal power.

An accountability buddy gives you the wings to be IMPERFECT so you can soar with confidence. vickyayala.com Hello, My Friends This week has been a long one. We have been in level 4 lockdown. The thing is, this week has the exact same number of hours as last week, and the exact same number asContinue reading “Accountability buddies enhance personal power.”

The Month of Self-Love: -Week Five

Self- Love is the gift that you give to yourself. Self-love is your energy signature Self -love is forgiving yourself Self-love is allowing yourself to enjoy your life Self-love is Celebrating you Hello, My Friends, Goodness, hasn’t this month flown by. This is the final review for the Month of Self-Love. So many great thingsContinue reading “The Month of Self-Love: -Week Five”

The Hidden Joy and Peace Within

Life brings Tears, Smiles, and Memories, The tears dry, the smiles fade, But memories last forever. Hello, My friends. This week I have had my granddaughter staying, we have been doing a lot of different activities. Things I’d forgotten I used to love, like riding a push bike, a genuine push bike- no peddling, noContinue reading “The Hidden Joy and Peace Within”

“Should’s and Have to’s” Whose are they?

Be the light that shines freedom to those around you. Hello, My friends, Happy Queens Birthday Monday, it’s a public holiday here in New Zealand, the weather is wet, with a decided nippy chill in the air. It’s the week of the year when all the farm managers and labourers are on the move fromContinue reading ““Should’s and Have to’s” Whose are they?”