The Hidden Joy and Peace Within

Life brings Tears, Smiles, and Memories,

The tears dry, the smiles fade,

But memories last forever.

Hello, My friends.

This week I have had my granddaughter staying, we have been doing a lot of different activities. Things I’d forgotten I used to love, like riding a push bike, a genuine push bike- no peddling, no going type bike. We zoomed down hills, with our legs lifted off the peddles, enjoying the wind rushing past and struggled up the other side, wobbling with aching legs, laughing, hooting and hollering. We sat on the river bank, our fishing lines thrown out as far as we could manage, we laughed as we tangled them in the trees behind us, caught herrings for the cats, and a snotty twisty turning eel. They sure know how to wriggle and mess up a line. We have watched movies and just been us.

When was the last time you have just been you?

Do you even remember what it was like to be you?

When you were 7-13 what were the things you enjoyed?

Did you enjoy the great outdoors, camping, tramping and biking? Or did you prefer museums, art galleries and aquariums? Did you read books, comics, and magazines, discovering far off exotic places that excited your imagination, were you a pirate on the wild seas, or did you imagine living in luxury, in a massive castle with secret passageways and servants?

Remind yourself of all the fun days, you had dreaming about the unknown, and the thrill of discovering things you never knew before.

Remember the wonder of watching a caterpillar, spin itself into a chrysalis, then daily waiting for it to reappear, to find a beautiful butterfly, amazed at the transformation you had just witnessed.

Remember sitting on the side of the road watching the tar machine, spew out it’s hot, smelly, black goo all over the road, and wonder how the metal truck that followed never got stuck to the road.

Remember playing with your favourite doll, dressing her in the prettiest flowing dresses, pushing her in the pram, feeding her and cuddling her, dreaming of the day you’d be a mother.

Remember riding your bike, racing with the other kids, doing the time trials and beating your best time, soaring over the jumps, making the machine do the twists mid air, practicing and practicing until you could do it perfectly.

We remember these times as being carefree, when we didn’t have a worry or care.

As an adult we let these memories dissolve into the distant past, a memory, a feeling of a forgotten era.

This week I enjoyed the exhilaration of taking a few moments to recreate that feeling of freedom, to reawaken the lost joy of living. Living right now in this moment without an agenda, or a goal, or a desire.

Not thinking of all the things that need my attention, my worries about Christmas, shopping, meals, next years goals, this years uncompleted goals. None of that entered my mind.

I lived in the moment, enjoyed the wind on my face, enjoyed the pleasure of being free, enjoyed the feeling of having a body that ‘kinda’ responds when I ask it to.

I was free, I felt like I was soaring above all the cares and woes that hold me tethered to my life.

Yes, I know it was but for a moment, I had to return to reality, Christmas is still coming, shopping still needs to be done, and meals still need planning, cooking and cleaning up after.

But my spirit was lighter, I was smiling on the inside. I felt lighter.

I knew the abundance of being alive, of being free.

My challenge for you this week is to find the space to be yourself, to find that inner child and for half and hour set it free, dream the dreams of yesteryear without judgement, fear, or self ridicule.

Be yourself, your goofy, fun loving self. Sit outside at night and watch the stars sharing their twinkle dust with you. Sit in the park and listen to the children on the swings, squeal with delight.

Sit on the swing yourself and gently let it move you. (Safely)

Go for a walk among the trees, let the dappled sunlight caress your arms.

Get lost in a story, for the sheer joy of being a part of the story.

Let yourself, be.

When we came into this world we had an innate knowing we were enough, we knew we had everything we needed. We took a breath and then we breathed it out again.

Sit with yourself, take a breath in, and let it go, receive self love and let it go, breathe in self love, and then breathe out self love, let the balance of being you fill your body, and then send it into the Universe, Receive love and let it go.

When we learn to love ourselves first, we also learn to give love, Receive love, receive the inner peace that you are enough, and you are okay.

Feel the joy of being,

In January I plan on covering what self love could look like for you.

Until next week, make time to find your inner child and have some fun being you.

Linda Codlin.


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