15 Steps to SELF-LOVE

Hello, My Friends,

As the New Year steams into view, I thought I’d have a look at something I’ve been working on in my life. It is an area that I has made such a difference to the way I view everything. It is my hope that this topic will also help you to have the most fulfilling year in 2021.


My goal for the year 2020 was to love and respect myself first.

You see, I had a tendency to put the needs and requirements of everyone else ahead of my own, and then I’d feel hard done by, or used, or I’d pull out the martyr card. I’d get angry because what I needed wasn’t being fulfilled, but I didn’t really know what I needed to feel fulfilled.

This year I decided to love and respect me. The problem was I had no idea what that looked like.

I couldn’t imagine or even know what loving myself meant.

As we go through January’s month of SELF-LOVE I will be sharing some of the things I used to uncover what self-love looked like for me.

It is my hope that some of these tools will enable you to begin to bring some love for yourself into your life.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this self-love road is a long one, it is a journey of discovery that I am still on. I still have many areas where, self-doubt, fear, scarcity, unforgiveness, guilt and shame live.

It is my intention to continue this journey using the tools I have found, and which I will share with you.

15 ways I started to build SELF-LOVE

  1. Becoming MINDFUL of the self chatter in my head.
  2. Self-talk, creating space between the negative to insert the positive.
  3. Affirmations- Giving my brain something positive to focus on. “I AM” statements
  4. Retelling the stories of my past in a better light.
  5. Realizing I am a “ONE OF A KIND’ and comparisons never help.
  6. Seeking out my inner GENIUS (We all have one)
  7. Getting real with my environment-
    1. My personal health (Weight, Body Functions, Fitness, Food)
    2. My living and working spaces (Clutter, My Stuff, Wardrobe)
    3. The people I hang out with (Work colleagues, Friends, Family)
  8. Learning to handle STRESS (We all have it and need it)
  9. That my ENERGY matters (How we do any-thing is how we do every-thing)
  10. Forgiveness- Setting myself free
  11. Releasing Perfectionism (Fear)
  12. Letting go of the CONTROLS (What we can control and what we can’t)
  13. Discovering my PLEASURE PORTFOLIO (What lights me up, enjoyment, fun, happiness)
  14. CELEBRATING, learning to notice and enjoy the wins in every day.
  15. Living AUTHENTICALLY WITH LINDA (Being true to me)

Over the coming weeks I will go into more detail on how I used each of these 15 ‘steps’ to improve the love I have for myself and how these ‘steps’ have changed my life.

This week I want to challenge you to think about what ‘SELF-LOVE’ means to you.

Do you instantly recoil from the term, self love?

What does it bring up for you? Whose voice do you hear in your mind, and what are they saying?

These are important questions to answer, they give the clues of why loving and respecting yourself has been difficult in the past.

Maybe you have self respect and love in one or two areas of your life, and struggle to see that work out into all areas.

It is my intention that over the next month I will give you some of the tools that I used to move me forward into a healthy relationship with myself.

Starting January 1st watch my Facebook page (@lindacodlin25) where I will be posting tips and tools on creating SELF-LOVE for 2021, Then weekly in this post I will review the main points.

Until then, love yourself with kindness and respect. Be your most authentic self.

Linda Codlin


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