Unseen Power Governing our Actions

Nature is a chain reaction. One thing follows the other, everything is dependent on something else. The smallest is as important as the largest.” Bryce Courtenay Are you plugged into the power source that will take you where you want to go?Asking for help, and being ready to receive help can plug you into justContinue reading “Unseen Power Governing our Actions”

Dynamic Living: Expecting the best from Yourself.

Dynamic Living: Expecting the best from yourself. Hello, My Friends Make decisions that have you reaching out to others, expanding your energy and your abilities. We get what we expect, what are your expectations? What do you expect from yourself? Your dynamic life is revealed by what you expect from yourself. Yesterday we talked aboutContinue reading “Dynamic Living: Expecting the best from Yourself.”

Discipline: Disappointment & Self-punishment

Discipline: Disappointment and self punishment Hello, My Friends Did you brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand?What did that feel like? Weird huh, we’ve been brushing our teeth for years, and yet when you put that little brush in the other hand it feels weird.What were some of the things your brain told you aboutContinue reading “Discipline: Disappointment & Self-punishment”

Respect: Dynamic Leadership

Repect in leadership Hello, My Friends Being a leader is being focused on the things you have direct control over.Often we drift off into other people’s territories.When we micro manage those in our charge, we create an environment of frustration. To be a dynamic leader is to set the standard, communicate the expectations clearly andContinue reading “Respect: Dynamic Leadership”

Expectations, Your Secret Identity.

When you stop expecting people to be perfect, You can like them for who they are. Donald Miller “When you stop expecting yourself to be perfect, You can like you for who you are. “ Hello, My Friends. Life has settled into its usual routine, each day following the previous one. The mornings are gettingContinue reading “Expectations, Your Secret Identity.”

“Should’s and Have to’s” Whose are they?

Be the light that shines freedom to those around you. Hello, My friends, Happy Queens Birthday Monday, it’s a public holiday here in New Zealand, the weather is wet, with a decided nippy chill in the air. It’s the week of the year when all the farm managers and labourers are on the move fromContinue reading ““Should’s and Have to’s” Whose are they?”