How to Feel Better.

How to feel better. Hello, My Friends Three ways to feel better quickly. 1) Appreciate what you have.This sounds pretty basic, but when we get into a funk it can be quite difficult to see what we already have, when we are focusing on what we don’t have, or on what isn’t working well.Three thingsContinue reading “How to Feel Better.”

Respect: Identifying Respect In YOU!

Respect: Identifying Respect within You! Hello, My Friends High regard.Admirable.Approved of.Recognised.Valued.Honoured.Polite.HeardOpen communicationCommitmentDedicationLovedMentoredCourteousAttentiveness.Self-BeliefEnergeticClarityWell ManneredWhich of these terms would you use to describe respect? Which of these terms do identify with? I hope you have discovered a few new things about yourself this month and how you can give and receive respect.It is my intention that eachContinue reading “Respect: Identifying Respect In YOU!”

Respect: February Recap

Respect: February Recap Hello, My Friends We are winding down the month of February, and the month of respect.We have talked about the respect of yourself.Which I believe is the foundation for respecting anything and anyone. To the degree we respect ourselves is to the degree we can respect others. We have talked about respectingContinue reading “Respect: February Recap”

Respect: Open minded conversations

Hello, My Friends Silencing treatments come in such a vast array of disguises. The final way we shut down other people is when we have our minds made up on what we believe to be true and are not willing to hear the opinions of anyone else. We come into a meeting with the opinionContinue reading “Respect: Open minded conversations”

Respect: Conversational Redirection

Respect:  Hello, My Friends Today I want to talk about re-directing as a form of shutting down a conversation that isn’t going the way you want.  A re-direction is an interjection, it may be a joke, or a side line.  This tactic may be used intentionally to steer a conversation.  Most often a re-direction appearsContinue reading “Respect: Conversational Redirection”

Respect: Minimize Emotional Harm

Respect: Hello, My Friends What does minimization look like to you? This is one powerful way that we silence people, we make them feel like what they have achieved is less important than it really is.For instance, a parent may use minimizing to soothe fears, by saying that there is nothing to be afraid of,Continue reading “Respect: Minimize Emotional Harm”

Respect: Dismissive Silences

Respect: Hello, My Friends Continuing on with the ways we can shut other people down, when they share an opinion we don’t agree with or a belief that we don’t like. Do you wave your hand and swipe the words away?Often our body will show what we are actually thinking. This movement could be aContinue reading “Respect: Dismissive Silences”

Respect: Lose the One-Up-Man-Ship.

Respect: lose one-up-man-ship Hello, My Friends How do you manage those who have a differing view from you? When you are in a discussion that becomes emotionally threatening or when someone has accidently moved into your sacred garden of private beliefs and are stomping about squashing your pet ideals, what ploys do you use toContinue reading “Respect: Lose the One-Up-Man-Ship.”

Respect: Dynamic Leadership

Repect in leadership Hello, My Friends Being a leader is being focused on the things you have direct control over.Often we drift off into other people’s territories.When we micro manage those in our charge, we create an environment of frustration. To be a dynamic leader is to set the standard, communicate the expectations clearly andContinue reading “Respect: Dynamic Leadership”

Respect: Leadership Titles

Respect: in leadership Hello, My Friends Leadership titles can become burdens that can weigh us down. When you are the one standing at the front of the room, giving a presentation, you have all eyes and ears trained on you.You are the ‘expert’. Within every person sitting in the audience is someone with a lifeContinue reading “Respect: Leadership Titles”