Confidence: Be your own best friend

Confidence: Be your own best friend. Hello, My Friends There are three types of business that we as human love to dabble in. Two of these businesses, we have no control over and the more time we spend here, the more we freak ourselves out.Which has an impact on how we see the world aroundContinue reading “Confidence: Be your own best friend”

Harmony: Personal Standards

Harmony: Personal Standards Hello, My Friends Today I want to have a look at what staying in your own business looks like. Staying in your own business is taking care of your self, taking care and responsibility for your emotional states of being.Which means owning and feeling all your emotions.Including the messy ones. Or maybeContinue reading “Harmony: Personal Standards”

Respect: How the RVR policy works.

Respect for others Hello, My Friends The only person you can control is you.  It is an illusion that you control other people.  The red velvet rope policy is an insurance policy that keeps you living in your lane.  When you are feeling frustrated and annoyed with someone else’s behaviour, your proximity alarm is sounding,Continue reading “Respect: How the RVR policy works.”

Respect: The Red Velvet Rope Policy

Respect from others Hello, My Friends Most people respect those who have standards and are willing to stand up to those standards.  This involves facing the uncomfortable emotions of possibly going against the grain of everyone else.  It takes a strong person to own their standards, and allow others to own their standards.  Especially whenContinue reading “Respect: The Red Velvet Rope Policy”

Reclaim Your True Identity

By invite only You may enter Life is mine To live By design Hello, My Friends What a wonderful week it’s been! (Just try living without it. ) It’s been an anti procrastination week in my home, we have moved rooms around, so my office is in a better place for writing, and the clientContinue reading “Reclaim Your True Identity”