Harmony: Thoughts Create

Harmony: Thoughts Create Hello, My Friends Today is the last day of March, the final day of the month of harmony.I hope I have given you a few points to think about. That everything begins with a thought. Everything in your life began with a thought.If you can think, you can create.Most of us don’tContinue reading “Harmony: Thoughts Create”

Harmony: Emotions teach and reveal

Harmony: Emotions teach and reveal. Hello, My Friends Harmony is an energy signature we feel in our body.When we are out of alignment with our personal essence, we feel upset, angry, sad, depressed, anxious and a host of other emotions. Some of these things come from the way we have been raised, and we believeContinue reading “Harmony: Emotions teach and reveal”

Harmony: Personal Essence

Harmony: Personal Essence Hello, My Friends Today I want to talk about your personal essence,Each one of us has an essence.When we live in harmony with ourselves, we live within our personal essence. This essence guides us in our journey of living.We have an innate knowing of what we want, it seems to be inbredContinue reading “Harmony: Personal Essence”

Harmony: Who are You?

Harmony: Who are you? Hello, My Friends To have a red velvet rope policy, you need to know who you are. Today is all about getting to know yourself. So, who are you? “Oh, I don’t know, I used to be … but since getting a job, married, having kids I’ve lost myself.”This is somethingContinue reading “Harmony: Who are You?”

Harmony: Personal Standards

Harmony: Personal Standards Hello, My Friends Today I want to have a look at what staying in your own business looks like. Staying in your own business is taking care of your self, taking care and responsibility for your emotional states of being.Which means owning and feeling all your emotions.Including the messy ones. Or maybeContinue reading “Harmony: Personal Standards”

Harmony: Creating drama to avoid emotions

Harmony: Creating Drama to avoid emotions. Hello, My Friends How are you changing your world for the better? Today we’re talking about staying out of everyone else’s business.This is a huge topic, especially when it comes to relationships.As humans we tend to put our spin on every event that happens to us, and we putContinue reading “Harmony: Creating drama to avoid emotions”

Harmony: God’s Business

Harmony: God’s Business Hello, My Friends Whose business are you in? What is your major worry? Is it within your ability to make an impact or to change to it? If you cannot directly affect the worry, send your energy blessings to it and focus on what you can affect.Your energy has way more powerContinue reading “Harmony: God’s Business”

Harmony: Three Business’s

Harmony: Three Business’s Hello, My Friends What is your pivot point?Have you identified the pivot points in your life, looking back to see the events that propelled you onto the path you are currently moving on?Look back, only to guide yourself forward.It is unwise and unsafe to remain in the past, the past is partContinue reading “Harmony: Three Business’s”

Harmony: Pivot Points by choice

Harmony: Pivot points by choice. Hello, My Friends Ask yourself why? Which why do you use most? Wallowing why or Worthy why? Sometimes when our lives are so off kilter, a major event happens that shatters everything, all the beliefs that were held as true. All the normal everyday rituals and habits that we perform.Continue reading “Harmony: Pivot Points by choice”

Harmony: Ask Yourself Why?

Harmony: Ask yourself Why? Hello, My Friends Who are you? What is your “I AM” statement? Your I am statement is what will alter your view about yourself. What are you ashamed of?Your I am thoughts will reveal to you the things that you are hiding from. When you think thoughts about yourself that areContinue reading “Harmony: Ask Yourself Why?”