Harmony: Emotions teach and reveal

Harmony: Emotions teach and reveal.

Hello, My Friends

Harmony is an energy signature we feel in our body.
When we are out of alignment with our personal essence, we feel upset, angry, sad, depressed, anxious and a host of other emotions.

Some of these things come from the way we have been raised, and we believe they are the only way we can feel our emotions.

These feelings are safe.
They may not be in harmony with our essence, but they have served us well in protecting ourselves from being hurt, emotionally or physically.

My Friends, is it time to learn a new way of being?
Is your temper still serving you? Are you enjoying pushing people away so they can’t get close to you? Do you long for love, to be accepted as you are?
If you do, it is time for a new way of being.

It is my belief that all our emotions are valuable, they all have something to teach us, to show us.
All feelings are valuable, if you are feeling it, acknowledge it.

Now, I’m not saying to act on it.
It is not okay to harm others, to manipulate others, to take your temper out on anyone or anything else.
It is okay to sit with your vibrations and know that they will not harm you, they will feel horrible and uncomfortable, but they will not harm you.
I challenge you to sit with one of your emotions today, choose an emotion that feels good, sit with it and feel it, feel where it sits in your body.
Feel how it feels, give the feeling a name, identify with that name.
What are the thoughts you are thinking as you feel this emotion?
Capture them, feel them, enjoy them.

Awareness is the beginning of all change.

If you can do the above challenge with a pleasant and enjoyable emotion, you can do it with a less pleasant emotion.
With your less pleasant emotion, once you have figured out the thought, you work out a better feeling thought.
Then you repeat that thought, until you feel better. This new thought needs to one you can identify with, it needs to be a thought that your brain knows to be true.

And that is the process to finding harmony.
One thought at a time. Each thought creates an emotion, Each emotion creates the way you act, A thought that has been repeated many times is a belief, A belief becomes a default habit, This default habit overrides planned action when it is not challenged.
Challenge your thoughts.

Today’s question is… Are you challenging your thoughts?

Until tomorrow, Do the above challenge, find an enjoyable feeling and sit with it, discover where it is in your body, name the emotion, investigate the thought and enjoy the feeling.
Do this often, learn all the sensations of enjoyment.

oxoxo Linda

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