Harmony: Personal Essence

Harmony: Personal Essence

Hello, My Friends

Today I want to talk about your personal essence,
Each one of us has an essence.
When we live in harmony with ourselves, we live within our personal essence.

This essence guides us in our journey of living.
We have an innate knowing of what we want, it seems to be inbred within us.

Our personal essence is part of the will to live.

No matter what situation we may go through, something deep within us, calls to us to survive.
We go through some severe situations, and manage to keep going.
Living in harmony with yourself, is knowing your strengths and your weakness, knowing how you respond to any given situation.

Harmony is the tug toward your personal essence.

When we listen to music, we can hear the dischordant sounds and they grate on our nerves.
So it is with our spirit or soul, it appreciates beauty, harmony, and style.

Should you be feeling out of sorts with yourself or your surrounding, take a look at where the mismatch is.
What feels out? Is it your surroundings? Do you have too much clutter? Is it the way others are treating you?
Is it the way you are treating yourself? Is it your career, your work colleagues?

You have control over all things.
It may not seem like it, but your personal essence is sending you a message.
It is letting you know where things are off balance, and you can make a change.
You can begin with your thoughts, begin to talk to yourself a little kinder.
Pick up 20 items of unwanted things in your home, trash the rubbish, or give away the items that can be reused.
Brush your teeth and celebrate the sensation of a clean mouth.
Wash the dishes, and enjoy the clean bench.
Do your work duties, and take a minute to celebrate how much work you have achieved.
These are internal things and external things that play a supporting role.

Today’s question is… Where do you feel peaceful?

Until tomorrow, create a spot where you can feel at peace with yourself. Visit this spot often.
Refresh your spirit, so your personal essence can flow through.

oxoxo Linda

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