Resonating: Right or Wrong?

There’s a resonance inside us, a sense of who we are. We’re a multi-bodied traveler. We’re an essence. We’re a feeling, an awareness that has an ancient existence.

Frederick Lenz

Hello, My Friends

Why do things resonate with us?

I’ve been mulling this question over, some things resonate with me, that don’t resonate with you and vice versa.

Does this make one of us ‘right’ and the other ‘wrong’?

I don’t believe so, what is right and wrong anyway? It’s a way of thinking we have been taught since childhood. School is all about teaching us right from wrong, there has to be a right answer and a right way of doing things. Our parents taught us right from wrong, based on their view, which may have come from their parents, or their generational societal values. Our churches taught us from there religious training and background.

Oh my, that’s a lot of right and wrong biases.

Where does resonance come from? Is it something we acquire, or is it something we are born with?

How come some children have music coursing through their veins at the youngest of ages?

How come some children are born singing, (screaming) and they learn how to manipulate the noises they make into alignment and harmony with their environment and produce harmonic vocal sounds?

How come some children are artistic, and some are mechanical, some like hands on things to do, while others like to sit reading, or writing?

Where do all these resonances come from?

From the space I’m in right now, it seems to me that they have the ability to pick up the vibrations of that area that interests them.

Even when the most well meaning parent and society have tried to mold their minds into a certain way of thinking and being, they eventually find their way to what they love, or they go through hell trying.

So, why do you resonate with what you like?

Why are car people drawn to car people? Why are science people drawn to science people?

It’s like an unwritten code that calls them to each other, and money, status, or social training seems to have little effect in keeping them separated.

I was taught that birds of a feather flock together, and it is true. It seems to be the same with humans, we are attracted and drawn to people who are like us.

How do you learn to resonate with those you don’t understand? Is understanding the key to resonance?

Allowing each person to be their own person, and have their own views and opinions is a great place to start.

As human’s we are vibrational beings, we feel our way through life. However most of us, are not aware that this is how we sense everything. We learn to use our five senses and our brain to decipher our surrounding, and we use our heart and spirit to read the vibrations and sensations that are emanating from others.

We kind of know by the vibe who is our people, and we instantly gravitate to them.

Do our people change as we grow and mature, in both body and spirit? As we emotionally and mentally develop, do we leave the group we grew up in behind?

My daughter went to French speaking Belgium for a year as an exchange student, full immersion in the French language, Belgian style. She left here as one daughter and came home as another. She was the same person, and yet she was so very different. Her view of life had expanded, she had been exposed to things and cultures that created new ways to understand and perceive the world, she came home confident, bold and sure of herself. Was she always these things? I believe so, I believe that it was in living a new and different lifestyle, having to rely on herself, she stretched into the unfamiliar and discovered all her latent talents. The people and things she resonated with had also matured.

Are we maturing our resonations? Are we stretching what we know and believe? Are we developing new muscles, mentally, physically, and emotionally? As we seek and search, stretch and expand, we move our vibrational energy into wider spaces, we begin to resonate with new vibrations and sensations.

Why do we resonate with who we resonate? Energy? Interest? Beliefs? Purpose? Feelings? Benefits? Social training?

What is your take on this? Do you have any ideas of why we resonate with who we resonate?

Until next time, Authenticity is the key to knowing who you are, and in knowing who you are, you discover who you resonate with. You resonate with yourself first.

oxoxo Linda.

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