Harmony: Daily Rituals

Harmony: Daily Rituals

Hello, My Friends

What does it feel like to be you?

That’s such an interesting question.
What was your response to that?

When did you stop feeling like you? “I don’t know,” is not an answer. If you did know what would you say.

Often our ‘self’ is eroded, slowly, one comment at a time, one seemingly insignificant action at a time, one touch of busy-ness.

We give our power away to other people, by allowing them to make decisions for us, and the transferal of power is subtle.
It might start out as a kind gesture, and gradually the person we allowed to make a decision for us is making many more.
We let our power slide by “not making a fuss,”

When did your wants and desires become a fuss?

Harmony is found in the daily rituals that surround you, that nurture you.
Being you is feeling heard by you, being you is being seen by you, being you is allowing you to be whatever emotion you happen to be feeling.

You get to feel all your emotions and know you also get to change any that don’t suit you, that you’ve grown out of, that make you feel unhappy, unsatisfied or unfulfilled.
You get to be who you want to be, you get to feel whatever you want to feel.

On my mirror I have a little saying, “This is what wealth looks like.”
This saying is in the process of changing my inner thoughts around what wealth looks like.
When I look in the mirror at myself and say these words, I am reprogramming my brain around what wealth looks like.
I am bringing wealth from out there into my right here and now.
I am creating harmony between my beliefs of what wealth is and how it looks.
I am feeling my way into wealth.
You can feel your way into whatever feeling you want.
And it is the feeling that is the secret to being.

Today’s question is… What do you do every day to nurture yourself?

Until tomorrow, experiment with doing things that make you feel better, maybe even a bit more like your old self.
Preferably something do something new that inspires you, makes you genuinely, makes you feel good, without any side effects or regret.

oxoxo Linda

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