Harmony: Thoughts Create

Harmony: Thoughts Create

Hello, My Friends

Today is the last day of March, the final day of the month of harmony.
I hope I have given you a few points to think about.

That everything begins with a thought.

Everything in your life began with a thought.
If you can think, you can create.
Most of us don’t actually take any notice of our thoughts.
Begin, notice. A thought is a building block for your future.

Resistance is futile, when you resist something it becomes stronger.

Look at what you are resisting, see what it is you don’t want, investigate what you are thinking about that don’t want.
Then flip it over, ask yourself what you do want, find a thought that will support what you do want.
The good thing is you can only have one thought at a time.
Make the thought you want, a positive mental picture. Your brain loves pictures, the more vivid and lively the better.

All emotions are for your good, they are all feedback. Your emotions are guides, they tell you when you are living in harmony and when you are not.
Emotions are for feeling, not for bottling, not for harming yourself or others.
Emotions are energy vibrations, you get to release this energy in ways that make you feel proud of yourself.
Emotions need names. Name your emotions, identify them. Call them by name, they will not harm you.

You are a creator.
Your words create.
Use them carefully.
Create harmony within yourself, and it will radiate out and around from you.

Today’s question is… Thoughts create. What are you creating?

Until tomorrow, have fun with finding your harmony, and we’ll begin a new topic tomorrow.

oxoxo Linda

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