Harmony: Ask Yourself Why?

Harmony: Ask yourself Why?

Hello, My Friends

Who are you? What is your “I AM” statement?

Your I am statement is what will alter your view about yourself.

What are you ashamed of?
Your I am thoughts will reveal to you the things that you are hiding from.

When you think thoughts about yourself that are not in alignment with who you are, these thoughts are very important.

Ask yourself why you are thinking this particular thought?
Why is a valuable question to ask yourself?
And then genuinely go looking for the answer to your why.
Why, will show you where you have a disconnection with your harmonic energy.

Ask yourself, why do I feel embarrassed, when … ?
Ask yourself , why do I believe that I am not good enough?
Ask yourself, why do I only see the negative?
Ask yourself, why have I attracted the results I have in my life?
Ask yourself, what gives you the ability to know where you are.
Asking why from a position of depression and negative energy and the downward spiral that a pity party enables is not helpful.
Your energy in asking why must be from the position of wanting to know where you are, so you are willing to grow into where you want to be.

Wallowing why, is not useful or helpful.
Worthy why is asking for direction and information to get a response and answer that will open new doors to opportunity.

Ask yourself why? Why am I thinking about this? Why am I doing this? What is the feeling I want to feel? Why do I want to feel it? Why do I want to live in harmony?

Why do I want everything to be perfect?
Why do I want to feel beautiful?
Why am I being tired, grumpy, and upset?
Why am I being happy, cheerful, and enthusiastic?

Today’s question is… Ask yourself why? Energetic why’s are informative.

Until tomorrow, Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing, why are you thinking the way you are, why are you showing up the way that you are?

oxoxo Linda

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