Value: What do you value?

Connecting to your inner value guides you to peace and harmony.

You have value because you are.

You give value by being.

You receive value from others.

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Life has settled into its normal rhythm, I must admit that I do miss the challenge of doing one action task that extends my thinking, my normalcy of living. I may just start another challenge, just for the fun of doing different and somewhat unusual things.

Challenging myself to do things I have never done before, I am finding that some of these challenges take repetitive time and action to gain mastery, which if not for the fun that I find in learning them could become boring and mundane.

Skill and mastery take time, to become good at what you do, takes time and practice.

When we were in school, we learned to read and write, we learned about numbers, and how we fit in the world through science and history, we learned about our world through geography. This learning didn’t happen over night, we attended a learning institution that taught us skills, at the time of learning these skills, they were foreign to us, they were unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

How well we picked up and used these skills were dependent on how valuable the people around us believed them to be, on the amount of time we had to spend reciting and learning, on the skill of those teaching the subjects.

How much value do we place on being able to read and write?

Would our society be the society it is today without these skills?

What determines value? Who determines value?

Value is the worth we place on something.

In our ‘modern’ society we use the currency of money to equate value. We put a price on something to deem it’s value. Our entire system is built on a value system.

What is your value system based on?

Is it based on your pay packet?

Is it based on your ability to provide for those you love?

Is it based on your beliefs around family and how a family is ‘supposed’ to look and behave?

What values do you hold closest to your heart?

How do you live into or from these values?

Often we will say I value good health, and yet when we look at our behaviour we find discrepancies behind thought and action. We eat too many sugary foods that bloat our body and prevent the needed digestion to occur. We exercise as a form of punishment, rather than for the enjoyment of a body built to move easily and freely. We push ourselves to work long hours, stressing our systems from insufficient rest, and unfulfilling recovery time. We distract ourselves with our devices, instead of participating in our lives, interacting with family, friends, and colleagues. All these are forms of dishonouring our health.

Our value system is tipped on it’s head, we feel disconnected, restless, unhappy and like something is wrong.

Our value systems come from within us, from our inner being, the ‘spiritual’ part of who we are.

What is important to you? What are the things that make you so angry when they are violated in your life? (These are clues, that some one or some thing is treading on something you hold dear.)

Often we can tell what we don’t want by the reaction we have to the situation or behaviour of an outside force or person. This is good, this is useful. When we can identify what we don’t like, or don’t want we can begin to flip it over to discover what we really do want.

It is only when we begin to own what we really do want, that we are able to figure out the value it has to offer to us.

When you value yourself, really value your opinions, really value what you like, really value what is important to you, really, really, really value your thoughts and ideas, then will you discover the truth of who you are.

No-one can value you more than you value yourself.

You value yourself by being responsible for every thought you think.

Think about that.

How many thoughts do you think a day? How many are repetitive thoughts that have been fed to you? How many of your thoughts do you actually enjoy? How many of your thoughts do you actually act on? (This is a trick question, some thoughts are not for acting on.)

What you truly value, drives what you do. You may value your family very highly, which is why you work long and tiring days in a career that pays well, but doesn’t fulfill you so you can take care of all your’ family’s needs, or maybe this same family value is why you work in a job that satisfies you but earns you less money, so you can spend more quality time with your family enjoying the process of living. The value is the same, the way it shows up is individual to the training and awareness of each person.

What do you value? What makes you feel refreshed and inspired? What sits in harmony with your spirit?

Do more of these things.

Begin to explore what makes you sing, what gives you a buzz of pride. Explore saying what you really think, (use kindness, and gentleness as your guide, hurting people in the name of what you really think is an emotional cop out for not feeling or owning your own feelings. ) Explore the values you claim are important to you. Things like integrity, honesty, love, family, health, wealth, peace and harmony. What are the results you have that back these values up.

What do people say about you? “You can count on him to show up on time, prepared and ready to go.” these statements give a clue to your values.

Values are not set in concrete, if find values that are not serving you then you can change them. Add new ways of thinking and being into the mix, add new habits that create the results you want. Get around people who think in the way you want to be.

Until next time, invest some time getting familiar with your authentic values. Look for what annoys you to uncover what you really want. Everything is a mirror, is a way of showing and teaching us what we really do or don’t want.

oxox Linda

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