Harmony: Peace of mind

Harmony: Peace of mind

Hello, My Friends

Peace of mind is the result of forgiveness.

Today I want to sow a few seeds of greatness in to the freshly cleaned garden of your mind.
Remember I told you that “I am.” is the most important two words you can speak over yourself.

I am is a self fulfilling prophecy.

Words have power, use yours to build yourself up.
Every time you hear the nagging, judging and unhelpful voice in your head, remind yourself of who you really are.
When you hear things like, “Who do you think you are?” Remind yourself that, “I am worthy of what ever I want.” ” I am becoming diligent”
I am courageous, I am a strong woman, I stand up for myself, I can do whatever I set my mind to.

My current favourite is “All things are always working out for me.”

Remember your actions follow your thoughts, and affirmations help to reprogramme your subconscious programmes.
A belief is a thought that has been repeated over and over until you believe it implicitly.
Write an I am statement on your phone, make it your screen saver, your password.
Use it as often as you can. Carry it on a card in your wallet, remind yourself when you feel a little flat, remind yourself when you’re feeling good, remind yourself when you’re uncertain and when you’re confident.

Remind yourself who you really are, in the positive, right now living tense.
You see your brain doesn’t work in futures and pasts, it works in now, so when we project ourselves into the future our mind thinks its now, when we dwell in the past, our brain also thinks it’s now.
This is like the secret passageway to the future of your dreams. Add positive feelings and emotions and you are in the stream of momentus energy.
And you get to choose.
Give your brain something wonderful, powerful to believe.
And keep at it, your belief didn’t happen over night, and generally it doesn’t change over night, it may take time.
Be consistent and see the changes of what you want unfold before you.

Today’s question is… Who are you? What is your I am statement?

Until tomorrow, write out an I am statement, post it below, and remember to read it over and over again.

oxoxo Linda

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