Harmony: Pivot Points by choice

Harmony: Pivot points by choice.

Hello, My Friends

Ask yourself why?

Which why do you use most? Wallowing why or Worthy why?

Sometimes when our lives are so off kilter, a major event happens that shatters everything, all the beliefs that were held as true.

All the normal everyday rituals and habits that we perform.

We are forced into a type of funnel, a space where the most important things become clear to us.
These are pivot points.

What was your pivot point?
I can think of three in my life, and each came wrapped in trauma, each came as a negative situation.
And each knocked me a little closer to my centre, my harmonic self.
Not that I knew it at the time.

You can only see how a situation is serving you when you look back.
Sometimes we need an outside of our control situation to bump us out of the ruts of our normal life.
Sometimes we can make hard decisions to do this ourselves.
Sometimes going against what is your now normal, creates a new and better normal.

The thing about creating is once we’re on the road and our creative juices are flowing. Once we are in the state of being in harmony with ourselves we have no idea what fabulous opportunities arrive in front of us.
We begin the journey, and the vistas that open before us can be more than we ever dreamed possible.

Don’t wait for life to beat up on you, set your own sails, decide to jump into the river of internal harmony.
Centre yourself, decide what you want, remove resistance to the wanting, and begin to move in that direction.

Today’s question is… What is your pivot point?

Until tomorrow, are you waiting for someone to rescue you? No-one will, are you waiting for a sign, maybe I’m that sign.
Are you waiting for the life you want to bounce up and grab you? Make a decision to pivot today towards feeling good, right now.

oxoxo Linda

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