Harmony: Three Business’s

Harmony: Three Business’s

Hello, My Friends

What is your pivot point?
Have you identified the pivot points in your life, looking back to see the events that propelled you onto the path you are currently moving on?
Look back, only to guide yourself forward.
It is unwise and unsafe to remain in the past, the past is part of our present, it is part of who we are today.
Being at peace with yourself is part living in peace and harmony.
Your history is part of who you are.

Today I want to talk about the three types of business that surround us.

The first business, is called God’s Business.

This business is all events and situations that are beyond our direct control.
We can’t alter the situation or event with our worry, anxiety or action.
This business is happening with or without our input, and our opinion on the happening doesn’t change anything.
By being in this business you are fighting the upstream current, you are fighting a battle you can’t win.
Your energy would be better used, creating what you do want without any resistance.

The next business, is other people’s business.

This is the business where we love to dabble, we like to tell other people how to live their lives, this is the business where should and have to abide.
We can’t change anything about or in anyone else.
We may want to rescue, to ‘help’, to inform.
Often we just want to tell someone else how to do it better, we often want to sort out other people’s drama instead of sorting out our own.

The final business, is your business, or my business.

This is everything you have direct control over.
It is how you respond to every relationship around you.
It is how you furnish your environment.
It is who you share your time with.
Your business includes every thought you think, every remark you make, every action you take.
This is where you have the most power and control. Learn to be the boss of you, and don’t allow anyone to take your power away from you.

Today’s question is… Whose business are you in?

Until tomorrow, take stock of the three businesses, what are you worrying about? Which business is it in? Can you directly influence the outcome?
If you can, do. If you can’t let it be and put your energy somewhere else.

oxoxo Linda

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