Harmony: God’s Business

Harmony: God’s Business

Hello, My Friends

Whose business are you in?

What is your major worry? Is it within your ability to make an impact or to change to it?

If you cannot directly affect the worry, send your energy blessings to it and focus on what you can affect.
Your energy has way more power than you realize.
A burst of positive energy can create harmony in places that you can’t see.

If you are unable to effect a change, worrying about the outcome does you no good, it drains your energy for living.
Worry has you focusing on the past, or focusing on the future, and neither of these can we change today.

By staying in your business and doing the actions that you can do, you affect your future, which in turn can have an effect on the global future.
It is not your business to change the world, it is your business to change your world.
The actions you take, create results.
What are the results you want to create?
It’s a bit like the story of the little boy on the beach full of hundreds of stranded baby turtles, he is happily walking along throwing them into the water, when an adult comes along and asks what he is doing, the boy explains he is throwing the turtles into the ocean. The adult tells the boy he won’t make much of a difference, the boy replies as he throws another turtle into the sea, “Made a difference to that one.”
We make a difference by creating results that make a difference to our surrounding, to ourselves, to our families, to our employers and to our communities.

God’s business, doesn’t require that we worry, fuss and fume about events we have no control over.

God is well able to deal with these things, we get to play a supporting role with our active participation in becoming the highest form of who we are.
By stepping into the fullness of what we know we can be.
By staying in our business, producing joy and positive energy.
Following our gut instincts with love and harmony.
What we sow we get back, sow harmony and acceptance.

Today’s question is… How are you changing your world for the better?

Until tomorrow, ask yourself what are the turtles you are throwing into the ocean? How are you making a difference where you are today? Remember to make a difference your action doesn’t have to be huge, it has to be significant to the receiver. The turtles would never be able to thank the little boy, but he knew what he was doing was important to the turtle, significant to the turtles survival.

oxoxo Linda

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