Harmony: Creating drama to avoid emotions

Harmony: Creating Drama to avoid emotions.

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Today we’re talking about staying out of everyone else’s business.
This is a huge topic, especially when it comes to relationships.
As humans we tend to put our spin on every event that happens to us, and we put our spin on everything that happens to others.

As we learn to live in our business, or stay in our lane, we allow other people to have their opinions about situations without those situations impacting our feelings.
Some people live for drama, they create drama.
And they suck everyone else into their drama.

The joy of learning to live in your business is that you begin to see where you end and other people’s drama begin.

With the premise that we create everything in our lives, that means we have a hand in creating or allowing those people who love drama access to our emotions.

If everything is a mirror of who we are, then there is something within each person who is in our circle that is reflecting back to us, who we are.

Isn’t this interesting, the person you are struggling with, who you feel judges you harshly is mirroring your judgement of yourself or others.
The person who you feel always uses you, is reflecting your attitude of using others, or your attitude of being a doormat.
When you clean up your emotional baggage, their emotional baggage won’t affect you, you’ll be aware of it, but it won’t have a triggering effect on you.
You can only be triggered, if there is something in you to trigger.
When you no longer have an emotional response to the trigger, the trigger is no longer valid in you.
The tricky part is that these triggers may have many facets to them, which gives you the illusion of having ‘dealt’ with them.

A trigger is a thought that is creating an emotion, which is creating a vibration in your body, which you don’t enjoy, so you try to avoid it.
Avoiding your emotion can be as simple as eating, drinking, and spending. Or as complex as deferring, projecting and internalizing.

When we learn to stay in our business, we learn to clean up our emotions, we learn to feel what is ours, we stop deflecting, eating, or projecting.
When we learn to stay in our business, we begin to see other people’s deflecting, projecting and gaslighting for what it is, and we can deal with our emotions around these feelings.

Today’s question is… Do you create drama to distract yourself from your feelings?

Until tomorrow, Sit and think about the people you allow in your space, how do you talk to them, talk about them?
Why do you need them in your life? What do you get from the relationship?

oxoxo Linda

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