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Silencing treatments come in such a vast array of disguises.

The final way we shut down other people is when we have our minds made up on what we believe to be true and are not willing to hear the opinions of anyone else.

We come into a meeting with the opinion that we are right and everyone who does agree with our particular point of view is wrong.
This leaves no room for discussion, and creates tension, because now the other people in the meeting get the vibe, that no matter what they say, the decision has already been made.
Often this makes everyone defensive, defensive people can not hear, when the wall of defense goes up, the ears and listening apparatus shut down.

When we have the attitude of ‘I’m right, my belief is the only right belief, and what you have to say won’t change my mind.’ we shut the door to conversation.
We open the door to judgement.
Most things are not so black and white that there isn’t grey areas surrounding them.

If open, reciprocated, and genuine interest is shown to each person, conversation would flow easier and each person would feel validated, like their point of view mattered.
The interesting thing is most people are not interested in changing your point of view, they are more interested that their point of view is heard.

When we are closed minded, what are we afraid of? Are we afraid that our belief may not stand up against the view of someone else’s opinion?
Are we afraid if our point of view is shown to have flaws that we are some how less of a person than we were before?
Are we not willing to consider seeing life from a different perspective?
What do we have to lose by considering a different perspective?
What do we have to gain from broadening our world view?

Changing a belief, or a world view, or an opinion can be scary. Especially when you have hung your self esteem on your way of seeing things.
To me this is the number one reason why we won’t listen openly to other people’s points of view, we feel that it will some how make us wrong.
Human nature likes us to be right. We struggle to realize that we can be looking at the same object, just from different angles and we are both right.

Today’s question is… How would opening your mind to hear a new perspective make a difference?

Until tomorrow, Think about why you shut down people with differing points of view. Is it because you don’t like conflict?
Is it because you believe your view is the right view, so all discenting views are wrong? Is it because you like to be in control, and when other people have views you haven’t considered you feel out of control? Investigate why you don’t want to hear differing points of view.

oxoxo Linda

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