Respect: February Recap

Respect: February Recap

Hello, My Friends

We are winding down the month of February, and the month of respect.
We have talked about the respect of yourself.
Which I believe is the foundation for respecting anything and anyone.

To the degree we respect ourselves is to the degree we can respect others.

We have talked about respecting others, becoming a respect mentor.
Showing how to value people, by small acts of kindness.

We have talked about receiving respect from others, how our actions have an impact on everything around us.
Our thoughts drive our beliefs which drive our actions.
To gain respect we must earn it.

We have talked about the role respect plays in leadership, how as a leader we can bring out the best in those in our teams.
Leaders shape lives.

We talked about our spiritual essence and being in alignment with authentic selves, how this gives us clarity, confidence and energy.

We talked about using manners to show respect.
We discussed a few of the ways that we can unwittingly silence others, and how we can empower them to speak through respecting their point of view even if we don’t agree with it.

So today I want you to be the investigator of where you put your respect. Do you treat other people with more kindess now? Do you have more clarity around who you are and what you want?
Do you follow through on your commitments more readily now? Do you respect yourself, your views, your body, your thoughts and your feelings more now?

Today’s questions is… Do you feel respectful of yourself?

Until tomorrow, answer the questions above as honestly as you can, is there a difference in how you see yourself today? If so what has generated more respect in your life? If not, why not? Where are you not feeling respected? How can you feel better about this area?
Remember you are your greatest asset, treat it with kindness and respect.

oxoxo Linda

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