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Today I want to talk about re-directing as a form of shutting down a conversation that isn’t going the way you want. 

A re-direction is an interjection, it may be a joke, or a side line. 

This tactic may be used intentionally to steer a conversation.  Most often a re-direction appears as an interruption. Someone has something to say that they deem is more important than what you are saying, so they speak over the top of you.  This person may have the need to be the centre of attention, and as the attention shifts with the conversation they have to bring it back to them. 

A re-direction can also be a good thing, it is a way of including others into the conversation, by widening the circle to include everyone. 

Also a re-direction and break the tension of a discussion that is getting heated and not going anywhere. 

A few tips to interject life into conversations and include everyone. 

When you are asked, “How are you?” Begin to tell them about an exciting something you have done recently, always have a story up your sleeve.  Stories are all around us, we live them everyday. Learning to tell it in a way that entertains will keep conversations flowing and enjoyable. 

Ask open ended questions about things that interest the group you are talking with. Give people the opportunity to share their stories, their experiences and wisdom. 

Relax, let the conversation flow, you don’t have to be the life of the party. Include a wider circle of people into the conversation. 

If you find the conversation less than stimulating, you can graciously leave.

And if you are the one who is being left, ask your self these questions?  Was my topic inclusive of everyone?  Was I rambling, filling space because the silence was too painful? Was I trying to impress someone? 

Re-directing a conversation as a skill can be very handy, it can also silence those who are less confident at sharing their stories. 

Always try to be inclusive of everyone in the conversation circle. 

Today’s question is… Do you intentionally re-direct conversations to support everyone? 

Until tomorrow, notice if you are interrupting, or talking over someone else in a conversation. Often this occurs without our being aware of it.  Try to include all the people in your conversation circle, notice who hogs the centre stage, who hardly ever says anything and where you fit. 

oxoxo Linda

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