Decision Fatigue

Do you find yourself unable to make sound decisions at the end of the day?Does the smallest of choices have you spinning into overwhelm?You could be suffering from Decision Fatigue.This weeks message is to help you simplify your choices, your life. Welcome to Authentic Living Coaching, The Podcast,I’m your hostess, Linda Codlin I am aContinue reading “Decision Fatigue”

Ep # 15 Decisions, Commitment and Actions

Do you have difficulty in following through with the things you say you want?Are you afraid to make decisions just in caseā€¦ Something better comes along, You might make a mistake or you don’t know what you really want.Then I can help you. Hello, My FriendsWelcome to episode 15. Today I want to talk aboutContinue reading “Ep # 15 Decisions, Commitment and Actions”

Commitment: The mental or physical act of directing energy.

What do you think of when asked to make a commitment to something?Do you duck and run for cover?Do you evaluate if the activity is worthy of your time and energy?Do you say ‘yes’ and then regret it?Commitment is code for freedom, when aligned with your genuine priorities. Hello My Friends Have you made aContinue reading “Commitment: The mental or physical act of directing energy.”

Happiness is… Making Decisions Easily

Hello, My Friends Personal emotional support is essential for a well lived life.  Yesterday I asked you whether your emotions were on board with your decisions?  Do you struggle to make decisions?   Your conscious mind gathers information from your environment around you. Your five senses are relaying data to your brain. Your brain then relaysContinue reading “Happiness is… Making Decisions Easily”