Commitment: The mental or physical act of directing energy.

What do you think of when asked to make a commitment to something?
Do you duck and run for cover?
Do you evaluate if the activity is worthy of your time and energy?
Do you say ‘yes’ and then regret it?
Commitment is code for freedom, when aligned with your genuine priorities.

Hello My Friends

Have you made a commitment to do something and then found out what the price of that commitment is?

Today I want to talk about commitment.

When I began writing my blog I committed myself to publishing it every week, on a Monday.

There have been so many different things happening for me at the moment, that it would have been easy for me to let this lapse.
However the price of not keeping a commitment I have made to myself is too high in the stakes of self integrity, and this is what motivates me, even when I don’t feel like doing what I’ve committed to. Also doing is so much easier than feeling disappointed in myself for not following through.

This week hubby and I took a little fishing break, sitting by the riverside, enjoying the sunshine and the oversized inflatable yellow duck moored on the water, straining against incoming tide.
We enjoyed fresh fish for dinner, there is nothing quite like freshly caught fish and fresh vegetables straight out of the garden.

What is a commitment?
Let me tell you what it is not. It is not a whim, it is not so much a feeling, as it is a decision.
Commitment is the mental or physical act of directing resources to an activity or relationship.
A commitment comes with a price tag. This price tag may look like time expenditure, it may cost money, it may mean you delay something you want now, for something you promised to do.
Being a woman who commits to herself comes with sacrifice. You may have to sacrifice ten minutes of telly, or social media to keep your promise to yourself that every night you will do your skincare routine. You may have to sacrifice a slice of cake a day, to have a slender body you can feel proud of.
Your commitment to yourself may mean you get to go out with friends, when you don’t ‘feel’ like it. You may even have fun and enjoy yourself.
Being a committed woman means you say what you mean, and you keep your word. To yourself, and to others.
Being a committed woman may mean you have to let other people down, so you can care for yourself first.

A woman who spreads herself too thin has very little to give to herself and others.
Rule of thumb is take care of yourself.
When you are committed to taking care of yourself first, you will create harmony in your spirit, you will generate energy and vitality.
Then from this place you can give and receive, the results will feel more satisfying.

Commitment means prioritizing. The key to having priorities is knowing what is important to you.

Your genuine priorities always get time and energy allocated to them.
Are you a genuine priority? Do you allocate time for you to regenerate your own energy?

Being committed is an ongoing set of decisions.
Each week I decide in advance to write this blog and to record a podcast. And then I follow through, and if I don’t my inner spiritual guide nags at me.

She knows that breaking a commitment to myself affects my self image, and my belief in my worthiness.
The tool I use to help me break through procrastination and disbelief is writing out why this commitment is important to me.
If I missed a week would I be happy to stop writing and recording permanently.
If the answer is ‘yes’ then what I’m doing is not a genuine priority, which means there is a should or must hiding in the background, and it is my responsibility to find what it is, so I can investigate it.
If the answer is ‘No, I’m not prepared to stop writing and recording.” Then it needs to be prioritised on my schedule.

My schedule is a non- negiotable for me. If something gets put on my schedule, I show up for it.
It is my commitment to myself, that only those things that are important to me get scheduled.
I am in charge of my schedule.

Are you in charge of your schedule?
This is a work in progress for me, a total shift in mindset.
I don’t have to do anything. Period. Fullstop.
You also don’t have to do anything.
What would your schedule look like if you stopped doing things that are not a genuine priority for you?

Would you stop running errands for other people, who can run those errands for themselves?
Would you stop filling your time with the priorities of other people?
What would it take for you to make a commitment to yourself to take care of yourself?
What is the one thing you complain the most about?
How can you move this complaint from not wanting to do it, from not liking it or them, and feeling like you have to or that you should be doing something. To I want to have this certain thing happen, or I like this part of it, but not this part. Also think about what you would do if you removed the complaint from your life, would you actually miss it.
By making a commitment to choosing those things that are genuine priorities to you, you will change the way you think and behave, and this will change your situation.
Commitment is a daily decision to do what you have said you will do.

Today’s challenge is to make a commitment to yourself, to refresh your energy every day.
Pick one thing that you think will be fun, and do that. Then put on your detective hat and cloak, ask yourself how you felt, genuinely felt about the activity, the time it took, the financial investment and whether you actually enjoyed it or not. Doing this will bring you some clarity around what is a priority for you.

Have a fabulous day my friends. Until next timeā€¦

Live your best life, committing to yourself authentically.

oxoxo Linda

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