The Thought Triangle.

You get to decide who you want to be in any given moment of time.Should you not like the decision you have made in any previous moment of time, You get to change it.I made a decision that will affect my daily habits.Have you? Hello My Friends, This week I have been at a convention,Continue reading “The Thought Triangle.”

Ep # 15 Decisions, Commitment and Actions

Do you have difficulty in following through with the things you say you want?Are you afraid to make decisions just in caseā€¦ Something better comes along, You might make a mistake or you don’t know what you really want.Then I can help you. Hello, My FriendsWelcome to episode 15. Today I want to talk aboutContinue reading “Ep # 15 Decisions, Commitment and Actions”

Lessons from a little boy.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear.” Buddah. Hello, My friends, Life is a teacher, and we are the students. Now that’s a bold statement. It’s a statement I am learning to embrace in my life. Life has a way of getting our attention. I believe life wants us to actually live. MostContinue reading “Lessons from a little boy.”