Confidence: Thoughts create energy

Confidence: Thoughts create energy Hello, My Friends As a mindset coach, along with other things, I believe we have the ability to change our lives by changing the way we think and feel. Today I’m sharing an example of how I view our mind and the process we use to decypher the vibrations of energyContinue reading “Confidence: Thoughts create energy”

Discipline: You choose your discipline

Discipline: You choose your discipline. Hello, My Friends The best part about choosing to be disciplined is in the choosing. You get to choose for yourself what area you want to increase your discipline in.You get to decide how long you want to focus on this particular area.Part of my choices around discipline is choosingContinue reading “Discipline: You choose your discipline”

Harmony: Think on purpose

Harmony: Think on purpose Hello, My Friends What are you thinking about most? How does this make you feel?We seldom take a moment to have a look at what we are thinking. Thoughts flash through our minds so fast, that we’re not even aware we had a thought. A thought is a sentence that weContinue reading “Harmony: Think on purpose”

Journaling: Write, draw, and think.

How do you want to fill the book of your life? Write, Draw, think in ink. Each page is a new thought waiting to be revealed. picture: Mike Tinnion Hello, My Friends Thoughts belong on paper. Some-times we can live in our minds, thinking and thinking about all the things that are happening aboutContinue reading “Journaling: Write, draw, and think.”

Respect: You are your greatest asset.

Respect your wealth Hello, My Friends Are you looking for wealth out in the world?  When we look for anything outside ourselves, we struggle to find it.  Wealth begins with us. It is the way in which we view ourselves.  You are your greatest asset.  Do you believe this to be true?  You are yourContinue reading “Respect: You are your greatest asset.”

Happiness is… Brain Training

Happiness is… Hello, My Friends Your body is the sensor that lets you know what is going on within the parts of your body that are not so easy to see. What we see with our eyes, and feel with our senses are not the only aspects of our body.  Today we will begin toContinue reading “Happiness is… Brain Training”

Emotional Band-aids Don’t Work.

To heal our emotional wounds, we need courage to face them. To heal our emotional wounds, we need strength to feel them. To heal our emotional wounds, we need patience to heal them. To heal our emotional wounds, we need love to release them. Hello, My Friends Wow, what a wonderful week this has been.Continue reading “Emotional Band-aids Don’t Work.”

Awareness is the Key to Change.

You are searching for the magic key that will unlock the door to the source of power; and yet you have the key in your own hands, and you may use it the moment you learn to control your thoughts. Napoleon Hill Hello, My Friends This week we had a mini get away, we wentContinue reading “Awareness is the Key to Change.”

Germinate Your Seeds of Greatness.

You were designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness. Zig Ziglar Hello, My Friends This week hubby and I went to the wharf and threw worms at the water, we had the intention of catching flounder, we were disappointed. The water was very dirty, the rain we’ve had recentlyContinue reading “Germinate Your Seeds of Greatness.”

A little light displaces the dark, a little thought creates life.

Light a candle in the darkest moments of life Think your thoughts on purpose Shine a light on your ideal future. Hello, My Friends This week has flown by, it seems that every day has been wet. I love rainy days they make me so appreciate having a warm and comfortable home to live in.Continue reading “A little light displaces the dark, a little thought creates life.”