How do you Argue?

How do you argue?What are the emotions that come up for you while you are trying to get your point heard?What tactics do you use to calm yourself, so you can be part of the solution, rather than the problem? When we change the way we communicate, we change society. Clay Shirky Hello, My FriendsContinue reading “How do you Argue?”

Harmony: Triggers of emotion

Harmony: Triggers of emotion Hello, My Friends What harmonic feedback are you receiving through your emotions? Everything we see, feel, taste, touch, hear, know, and believe is feedback. Within this feedback we have been trained how to or how not to respond to the triggers of the vibrational energy flowing through our body. Today IContinue reading “Harmony: Triggers of emotion”

The Month of Self-Love: Week Four

Hello, My Friends, This week I stepped out of my comfort zone. I dared to go down the hydro-slide at the local swimming pool with my grandson. Something I have never done before. The orange slide was fun, slipping and skidding along aware of the water and the next twist and turn in the tunnel.Continue reading “The Month of Self-Love: Week Four”