Harmony: Triggers of emotion

Harmony: Triggers of emotion

Hello, My Friends

What harmonic feedback are you receiving through your emotions?

Everything we see, feel, taste, touch, hear, know, and believe is feedback.

Within this feedback we have been trained how to or how not to respond to the triggers of the vibrational energy flowing through our body.

Today I want to have a look at the role these triggers play in finding harmony.
Often we don’t actually know what we want for our lives, we have a vague sense that we want something, almost anything other than what we have.

We walk around within our lives looking for this undefined something, and occasionally we bump into it, and it settles before it leaves again.

This settling is the feeling of harmony.

The events that happen in our lives trigger us to feel, or sense, or become aware of the things that are not as we’d like.
We have been taught that if we work hard enough, look at what is causing the trigger and get rid of it, then we will have more of what we really want.

The thing is, the events and triggers are the results of our past thinking, and when we focus on the things we have in front of us, we perpetuate more of the same.
A trigger is anything that sets off a series of events or emotions.
A trigger can be as small as waft of fresh cooked bread on the breeze, evoking the sensation of hunger in your body.
Or it can be as in your face as raised voices, arguing and treatening loudly, that send you right back to your childhood, cowering in the corner, protecting yourself the best you can.
Your heart racing, your breath quickening, your body getting ready to fight, or to flee.
These triggers are letting you know what you do and don’t want to be experiencing.

Triggers tend to be attached to something we have been told, or personally experienced, or something we believe to be true.
As an example we have been told, shown, and believe that if we don’t have a certain amount of money and assets we are not wealthy.
This thought of not being wealthy, triggers the emotional feelings of lack, or not having enough. We see not enough-ness every where we look.
What we focus on grows, the more we focus on lack, the more lack we see, and the less harmony and peace we feel.
Which then triggers more things for us to see and feel around lack.

To break the cycle, we can shift our focus to the things we do have, and the feeling of wealth that we can attach to those things.
As we begin to have less resistance to what we don’t have and more appreciation for what we do have, our energy shifts and we begin to feel a little better about our situation.
Knowing we have enough for the very second we are in, right now.
Harmony is living in this space of non resistance, which then attracts more of what you do want.

Today’s question is… What triggers the emotions of well-being within you?

Until tomorrow, focus a little more on the things that feel good, that bring you a little spot of pleasure within your day.
Notice what triggers a smile, of a feeling of warmth and joy.

oxoxo Linda

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