Harmony: Vibrational Feedback

Harmony: Vibrational Feedback

Hello, My Friends

What has to change for harmony to be a part of your life?

Let’s look at this a little deeper.

Our thoughts create everything.

Without our thoughts thinking about a thing, does that thing exist?

For change to occur we must become aware. Often we become aware of what we don’t like. Because it feels ‘bad’ in our body.
For harmony to exist, we eventually become aware of the sensations of disharmony flowing through our body.
And we don’t like those sensations. So, we go looking for better vibrations.
These vibrations can be ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ depending on how we’ve been trained to read them.
It is my belief that vibrations are neither ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ they just are, and how we label them is how we respond to them.

Vibration is energy moving.

When we feel the discomfort of an unfamiliar vibration we call it ‘negative’. The feeling is feedback.

Everything we do, we do for the feeling, emotion, sensation, we believe we will gain from it.
The feedback of the vibration of energy from thoughts show up as feelings, emotions and sensations. If they are not what we want to be feeling, in all senses of the word feeling, then we get to think a better thought to create a better vibration, that we believe we will enjoy more.
This is harmony, vibrating a little higher on the emotional scale with every thought until we are feeling, happy and peace with ourselves and our surroundings.

Being in harmony is learning to think in alignment with your authentic self.
The fun is uncovering who your authentic self is, and setting yourself free to be that person.
Our lives are supposed to be fun filled, to be enjoyed, to bring us pleasure.

Today’s question is… What harmonic feedback are you receiving through your emotions?

Until tomorrow, Ask yourself, “How am I feeling in my body?” Note if there is any tension in your body and where it sits?
Ask yourself, “What emotion am I feeling?” Note it down, no judgment, no beat-ups, it is what it is and that’s okay.
Ask Yourself, “What am I thinking about?” Most of us are not aware of what we are thinking most of the time.
Remember: we do not ever beat ourselves up, we are on a discovery journey, if we don’t know where we are how can we ever get to where we want to be.

oxoxo Linda

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