Harmony: Resistance is tension

Harmony: Resistance is tension.

Hello, My Friends

What triggers emotions of well being within you?
I am coming to the realization that life is supposed to be fun.
By choosing lighter emotions and feelings we attract to ourselves lighter and easier ways of living.

Being where we are is exactly where we are, and the more we fight against where we are, we end up entangling ourselves more, making getting free less likely.

Sounds back to front doesn’t it.
That by not resisting where we are, by making peace with everything around and in us, we get to make a pathway forward to what we really want.
Which is an emotion, a feeling, a sensation in our body.

How can we find the road of least resistance which will draw us on and into our dream?

What is resistance? Resistance is the absence of harmony.

Resistance is tension. Often we need tension to pull us from where we are to where we think we want to be.

Are you pushing and striving to be who you think you need to be, to gain approval, love, acceptance. To be seen by those you deem to be important.
To have your voice heard by those you think need to hear you?

How about turning it around and instead of pushing and striving you centre yourself, sit with who you are and allow this part of you to pull you to what you really want and need?
Sitting in the love of yourself, sitting in the approval of yourself-from yourself, sitting in the acceptance of yourself- right here, right now, with all your ugly past, with all your history, with all the dreams you have within you?
What would happen if you gave yourself the emotional support you are looking for from others?

Harmony is being at peace with yourself and knowing you are okay, exactly as you are- without changing one single thing.
Being centred with yourself, all the nice things about you, and yes there are nice and good things about you.
Being centred with yourself, all the ugly things about you, and yes we all have ugly bits that we try to hide from ourselves and others.
Harmony is living without resistance to you being you.

This doesn’t mean you have to stay here, you get to make decisions about what you want and why you want it, you also get to take action on what you want.
Nothing will change unless and until you take action, it is the energy with which this action is taken that makes all the difference to how you feel.

Today’s question is… Are you pushing and striving to be, have or do?

Until tomorrow, Find the road of least resistance within yourself, Ask yourself, “What am I afraid will happen if I see myself as I am, and stop trying to change me?

oxoxo Linda

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