Harmony: The Thought Ladder

Harmony: The Thought Ladder

Hello, My Friends

What are you striving and pushing for?

The way we do anything, is the way we experience that thing.

Have you ever forced yourself to train for an event? You pushed yourself, you hated getting out of bed early to train, you moaned and grumbled the entire time.
And before you knew it, you had talked yourself out of it, you allowed yourself to stay in bed, you made excuses for not training.
You were pushing and striving.

Have you ever been in Love? That feeling of elation, where you can’t wait to see him or her again, this person fills your thoughts all day when you are away from them.
You get up early and travel for hours to see them for a short amount of time, no amount of time or money is too much for you to spend time with this person.
Every time you hear their voice your heart skips a little beat, it is a delight to you, you find any reason to be with them, you make up reasons to be near them.

Can you feel the difference in energy?

Coming from a place of higher energy like love, makes everything easier, even the hard and dark days are easier.
You are being pulled by your desire.
The energy you are doing your activity in is affecting the result of that activity.
Being in harmony is like being in love. It is finding the place where there is no or little resistance.

In my coaching I have what is know as a thought ladder.
This ladder helps us to move from our most dominant unhelpful thoughts and the subsequent emotions and bodily sensations that follow these thoughts.
Into a slightly better feeling thought, without triggering our B/S meter, resistance.
If we try to step too high up the emotional feel good scale, we trigger the hairline B/S belief that says “Liar, liar!” and then we begin to argue with ourselves.
Resistance becomes the lead thought, and the emotion and sensation that follows makes us feel even worse than we did before.
The secret to the thought ladder is to keep the steps very small and believable, gradually inching up the scale, feeling a little better at every thought.

Acknowledging where we are, with shame, guilt or self reproof, is the best place to begin.
Your Right now thought might be, “I feel like I’ll never lose weight. I don’t have any self-control around food.”
Next step up the ladder might be, “I’m thinking I’ll never lose weight because I don’t have control of myself around food.”
This is an acknowledgement of what you are thinking, your brain will agree with you. (Do not allow any beat ups, these help no-one, and certainly not you.)
The next step might be, “I have lost weight before, so I can do it again.” No resistance and no beat ups, quiet the “yeah buts with the truth, I did lose weight.)
And continue to find mini statements that feel a little better, until you reach the edge of your resistance, and this is where your next thought and emotion for exploration will be.

Today’s question is… What are you feeling resistance to? What thought is behind the resistance?

Until tomorrow, think about how you are doing what you are doing, does it have the feeling of being in love behind it?
What is the feeling behind your goal? How are you really feeling about this goal? Whenever you think of it what sensations do you feel in your body?
Write this thought and feeling down, and see if you can shift it up the thought ladder one rung to a better feeling thought.

oxoxo Linda

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