Harmony: Resistance is your friend.

Harmony: Resistance Is your friend.

Hello, My Friends

What are you feeling resistance to?
Today I want to talk a bit more about resistance, and how we can use it as a guide to reading the map of our lives.

If our aim to be in harmony within ourselves, and resistance is the absence of harmony, then resistance is one of our best friends.

It tells us when we have veered off course, when we have been spun around and are facing the wrong direction.
Remember this is an energy game we are playing, it is a vibrational game of emotions and feelings that are sending vibrations through and to our body.

It is in this vibrational emotional state that we feel harmony or disharmony.

When there is no resistance to anything in our lives we feel at peace with life, and ourselves.
It’s not that we’ve thrown in the towel, and quit. It’s that we realize we are where we are and that’s okay.
And we are feeling all our emotions, and knowing ourselves better.

We understand what we what and why we want it.
The resistance we feel to not having it, is keeping us from obtaining it.
Back to front, it seems to our senses, that have been trained to believe that the physical world is the true world.
What if the true world is so much more? What if it is built on unseen things like sound waves, and light waves, and atoms.
These are things we can’t see, but when we tune into the vibration, or frequency we can hear and see them.

Resistance is our very best friend, it tells us when we have tuned into something that isn’t in alignment with what we want.
Harmony is the sensation we have when we are tuned into what we want. When we are in harmony, things, situations, people seem to happen or appear with ease.
We don’t have to strive or ‘work’ at it, it’s like the Universe has lined up all the necessary components quickly and easily and everything just happens.

Thinking about the things you don’t want, and the feelings that come with them, is a great way to feel and know more about yourself.

The key is to flip these don’t wants over to find out what you do want. Then to learn how to want without the feelings of lack and scarcity.
How do you want what you want, when you don’t have it, and it is hard to see how you will get it? This is the question that resistance helps to answer.
Every-time you feel the lack of your want, move your feeling to a slightly better space with the thought ladder we talked about yesterday.
Try the affirmation, I am becoming aware that things are always working out for me. How does that sit within your B/S meter?
No go. Try, I want to believe that things are always working out for me. Then begin to look for the things that are working out for you, create evidence.

Today’s question is… How is resistance being a direction marker for you?

Until tomorrow, ask yourself many times a day, what am I resisting, and what is it trying to show me?
Write your response down. Thoughts belong on paper so we can look at them objectively.

oxoxo Linda

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