Journaling: Write, draw, and think.

How do you want to fill the book of your life?

Write, Draw, think in ink.

Each page is a new thought waiting to be revealed. picture: Mike Tinnion

Hello, My Friends

Thoughts belong on paper.

Some-times we can live in our minds, thinking and thinking about all the things that are happening about us, what we want and don’t have, thinking about how life has worked for us and against us.

Some-times we believe that the thoughts we are thinking are, truth.

I have always been some one who has kept journals and diaries, I have written my to do lists, long and weighted with the desire of all the things I didn’t have. I wrote of all the things I did during my days, and many things I did were good things, things that I had chosen for myself and my family.

If you were to read my diaries from my youth, you would find a thread running through them.

This thread was fix me, I am broken, I need a knight in shining armour to save me, I need some one to make me better, to be my saviour. Reading these entries make me smile, and weep at the same time.

They make me want to make sure that everyone knows that they are never broken, never have been and never will be.

The energy of thinking about being broken, needing to be rescued, saved and made whole was always one of lack, loss and fear. The words were eloquent, however the meaning was always the same. Begging and pleading for a better way of living.

Journaling is a fabulous way of getting your words, pictures and thoughts out of your head and onto paper.

Paper is unbiased, it doesn’t care what you write, or draw, it doesn’t care whether the words are positive or negative, how well together your sentences are put together. Paper doesn’t care whether your diagram is clear or smudged, whether you use ink, or pencil. Paper can be burned so the words can never be read, and the energy of those words can be set free.

Journaling is for the writer as much as it is for any future reader.

Today my journaling focuses on who I am, what I want to learn, who I want to become and my words come from a place of loving who I am, knowing I’m good enough as I am, that change is my choice.

I speak to myself as a woman who has all the answers, and I answer myself from the well of wisdom that flows from emotional freedom.

Do I have everything I want? No! That is an endless road of discovery, one I hope to be travelling on for many years to come. Do I know what potential I have and who I can be in my future life? I get glimpses of the woman I am to be, and the joy of writing this out, fleshing out the ideas, and feelings, thoughts and snippets of knowing the truth of who I am and feeling the excitement as I see her appear in my daily living is surreal.

I want to encourage you to begin to write, write what you want, write what you don’t want, write how you feel about those things, write about all your feelings.

There is no right or wrong writing, there is your writing. Shake off the shackles of your school days, and begin to put pen to paper, doodle, let your inner drawer come to play. See what shapes and forms you develop as you let the pen skim over the paper.

Your words can mean what ever you want them to mean, honest is better. Once you have written what you really think, see if you can find words to reframe how you feel into a little better emotion.

The idea of the journaling I do is to release the resistance I currently feel, and invite a better feeling to come in its stead. Often we don’t actually know what we are really feeling, and I mean the deepest darkest thoughts, or the highest and lightest thoughts. We get stuck in our day to day living and don’t look into the shadows or the light to see what we are hiding from.

Journaling is one way to explore your inner being with love and kindest, compassionate listening, without and judgment. And if it is too personal, and you feel exposed, you can burn it, safely of course and watch the hurt, judgement, shame and guilt go up in smoke, and feel the freedom of letting go.

Write an affirmation of what you want, a mentor once told me to begin with, I am so happy and grateful now that … and write what you want to see in your life as if you can feel the emotion of already having it.

Write down the top three actions you want to accomplish today.

Ask yourself questions, that will encourage you to get to know you better. Like “what kind of art do I like or dislike and why?” ” If you had no fear, what would you love to do, be or have?” “What is my biggest regret?” “What am I most proud of so far in my life?” “How do I want to be remembered after I have left this world?” “What is my no 1 self-sabotage tool?” “When am I most happy?”

The answer to these questions will open yourself up to your inner self, and you might actually discover that you are doing and being okay.

For me journaling helps me to be authentic. Try it, leave a message on how you found it, or leave tips and clues for others on how you journal and how it improves your well-being.

Until next time, let your pen express what your are feeling and thinking in a way that seems genuine to you.

oxoxo Linda

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