Harmony: Flow with resistance and it disappears.

Harmony: Flow with resistance and it disappears.

Hello, My Friends

How is resistance a direction marker for you?

Do you get that when you are feeling resistance to doing what you think you want to do, you are out of alignment with your harmony?
AND you get to decide if you are going to stay in that resistance, or if you are going to find a more pleasant way of feeling.

Feelings are directly related to what you are thinking. Change your thoughts to something a little more enjoyable.

Let’s say you have committed to jogging every day, and this morning you wake up to rain on the window, what is your first thought?
Do you leap out of bed, and apply your jogging gear and head out the door, before your brain can talk you out of it, or do you roll over and whine it’s raining outside I don’t want to get wet today,
It’ll be cold, I’m too tired. All of these are thoughts and all of these thoughts are impacting your feelings, and now you have to access your will power to try and coax yourself into doing what you have already decided in advance that you were planning on doing.

Everything means nothing until you give it meaning.

The rain on the window didn’t mean anything until you made it mean something to your jogging.
And then resistance appeared.
You now have a couple of choices, force yourself to work through the emotions and feelings of resistance around running in the rain, or find the joy of running in the rain and do it happily.
Removing resistance is about acknowledging how you are feeling about the resistant thought, and finding a better emotional thought to think, to give you a better emotion.
Forcing your way through resistance is like wading through a muddy stream with your boots full of water, it is harder than it needs to be. Find an easier way through, go with the flow, take your boots off, or get out of the stream altogether.

Being in harmony with yourself is finding the easy way to live, now, I’m not talking about the lazy way, where you expect others to do for you what you know you must do for yourself.
You are responsible for your life and everything that is happening in it.
Now, for some of you that is a new thought. You are responsible for everything in your life. The good, the ugly and the blah.
You also have the ability to create anything you want.
Harmony within yourself is the key to open that door.

Today’s question is… Are you fighting resistance, or are you flowing with it?

Until tomorrow, think about how much of your energy is being used to push against things you don’t like, what if you stopped resisting them, and began to use them to create what you want.
Flow your energy into the creation you want, rather than fighting against what you don’t want.

oxoxo Linda

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