Harmony: Emotional Label

Harmony: Emotional Labels

Hello, My Friends

Are you fighting resistance or are you flowing with it?

This is a fabulous question. A question that increases our knowledge about ourselves.
Today I want to talk about our emotions.

The feelings we have in our body is a sensation. Which we feel as an emotion, these emotions are represented or described by one word.

For example Anger, Sadness, Depression, Anxiety are all describing emotions. More emotional words are guilt, shame, fear, regret and scarcity.
Each of these emotional descriptors are the results of your thinking.
And each of these emotional words come to us because we think that some thing, some-one, or some event, or some situation that is around you are causing these reactions within you.

This is not so.
Yesterday I said we are each responsible for every thing in our lives.

Our thoughts make our reality.
Your emotional state right now is being created by your thoughts.

Harmony is when you are thinking in alignment with who your inner self, knows you to be.
The feeling of harmony is the emotion of love, joy, peace, happiness, satisfaction, contentment and ease.
Each of these emotions are the results of your thinking.

When you think about and dwell on all the ‘bad’ things that are happening in your life or around you, your body has a physical reaction to those thoughts, sometimes it’s tears, at others it is anger and it feels so hot you have to move your body or you feel like you will explode.
When you think about and dwell on all the ‘wonderful’ things that are happening in your life or that are happening around you, you also have a physical reaction, you feel emotions of joy, laughter, fun, you may shed tears of joy, you may dance to release the energy of love you feel.
Each of these situations occur because of your thinking and dwelling.
Which one feels better?

This is the one that will lead you to a life you want, to the feeling of harmony within yourself. (I am presuming you prefer loving feelings to angry feelings, even though anger might be your default emotion right now)

Play around with this, think about the saddest day you can remember, how do you feel?
Think about the most joyous day you can remember, how do you feel now?
If you could paint a mental picture of each situation in your mind you will feel the power of your thinking.

Today’s question is… What are you thinking about most? How does this make you feel?

Until tomorrow, label that feeling, with an emotional word. Give it a name, bring it out of the unknown into the spotlight so it can be recognized and called out.

oxoxo Linda

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