Harmony: Think on purpose

Harmony: Think on purpose

Hello, My Friends

What are you thinking about most? How does this make you feel?
We seldom take a moment to have a look at what we are thinking.

Thoughts flash through our minds so fast, that we’re not even aware we had a thought.

A thought is a sentence that we are thinking in our minds. These can be so fleeting that we can’t catch it.
Have you ever had someone, ask, “What are you thinking?”
And when you went to answer the thought was gone, so it’s easier to say, “Oh, nothing. I wasn’t thinking about anything.”

Today I want to talk about thinking on purpose.
In a way that is what this topic a month is about, it is giving you a snippet of thought to think about.

We are always in such a hurry to glean new information.
This is our scrolling through social media, our brain is looking for new information, however, it doesn’t want to do anything with the information.

Thinking on purpose is stopping, and choosing, something to focus on.
It might be a quote that flashes past your eyes, that halts the scroll factor. Read it, really read it.
Write it down somewhere where you can see it, and think about the words, think about the meaning behind the words.
Then think about the meaning behind the meaning of those words.
Do this for one week. Read and reread the same quote. Make sure it is a quote that is worthy of changing the way you see life. (Things are always working out for me)
Then deliberately think about the quote, let it seep into your mind, under your shields and protection systems.
This is why it is important that it is a quote that inspires you.
I can guarantee that after a week of reading the same quote multiple times a day that you, will probably have memorized it,
you will have questioned its validity, you may disagree or agree with the statement, you will be looking at the words with a different perspective.

This is how an affirmation works. It is a thought about who we are that we repeat over and over to ourselves.
An affirmation can have a positive or negative effect depending on how it is said, “I always blow it, I am never any good at meeting new people.” Affirmations! These don’t make you feel good about you and your skills.
Try, “I sometimes make mistakes and that’s okay, mistakes create learning experiences.” “I am good at taking care of my kids.” These are feel better statements, that don’t create much resistance.

“I am” is the most powerful statement you can say to yourself.

And the words that follow I am will create your future. Make them words that inspire great thoughts about yourself.

Today’s question is… Think on purpose. What I am statement do you want to show up in your life?

Until tomorrow, think about what you want, and who you have to become to get that, and write your I am statement in the positive present tense.
I am enough, I am wealthy, I am healthy, I am happy, I am the greatest singer to hit the centre stage.
Give your brain quality thinking material.

oxoxo Linda

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