Harmony: Default Sensations

Harmony: Default Sensations

Hello, My Friends

What are you thinking about most? How does this make you feel?

Everything we do, we do it because we believe it will make us feel a certain way.

Often we get stuck in a feeling cycle, I like to call the physical feelings sensations, and the emotional feelings, emotions so we can differentiate between the two.

The doing we do is for the sensation it will give us.

And it doesn’t matter to us whether it is negative or positive doing to get that sensation.
This is why we get stuck on the round-a-bout of ‘bad’ behaviour. The behaviour gets us the sensation we want to feel.
No! we don’t want to get beaten up by our partners, but after the beating is often the loving and tenderness we are looking for.
No! we don’t want to be spoken to in a way that makes us feel the sensations of rejection, however some times these feelings are the default emotions that we know.
They are familiar, and familiar equates to safe to our brain. It sounds warped I know.
This is how self- sabotage works. When we move away from our default sensation, even if it is harming us, our brain begins to scream at us that we are unsafe and have to go back to the status quo.

Have you tried to instill a new habit in your mind and body, and your mind went wild with all types of accusations. (Brain trying to keep you safe, where you are.)
Everyone I know has this inner dialogue in their minds. It’s what you do with this inner dialogue that will determine the amount of success you have in changing your habit.
As we talked about earlier, resisting this dialogue doesn’t work, it builds a barrier instead of a bridge.
When we listen to our brain it will tell us everything we actually believe about ourselves, the doubt, the negative self talk, and what we think about life in general and ours in particular.
This is where the emotional work lies, in cleaning up the thoughts.
Remember we don’t resist, we acknowledge that where we are is where we are.
We go looking for the sensation we want to feel in our body, or the emotion we want to be feeling.
Once we have identified this sensation, we can begin creating it on purpose, and moving in harmony with what we want.

Altering the way you are thinking will alter your emotions.
A belief is a thought that you have thought over and over, this is good news because you can change a belief by changing your thoughts.

A belief is usually wrapped in emotion, the feeling that attached itself to the thought you were having at the time the belief was grounded in your subconscious mind.

The quickest way to alter a belief that isn’t serving you is to create the sensation you want and match a thought to that.
At first this is so, foreign and feels so weird, your mind will tell you all types of things, keep focusing your energy on the sensation you want in your body, the feel good factor.
Think thoughts that elevate your mood, listen to music that elevates your energy, exercise to get your energy moving, these help you to feel good in your body.

Today’s question is… What sensations do you want to feel in your body?

Until tomorrow, notice when you are feeling good, when you are humming to the radio and how that feels in your body.
Notice when you are feeling cheerful, what is going on inside you? These feelings come from within you, never outside you.
The outside stimuli may help you to find that energetic and happy space, but it comes from within you.

oxoxo Linda

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