Harmony: Belief Buster

Harmony: Belief Buster

Hello, My Friends

What sensations do you want to feel in your body?
Do you want to feel good, strong, at peace? Do you want to feel wealthy, like you don’t have to struggle?
Do you want to feel loved, accepted and acceptable?
Everything you do, you do it for the emotion you believe it will give you.
Finding that sensation, emotion, feeling deliberately changes everything.

If you want to feel loved, and you have the self-belief that you are unlovable, finding the feeling of love will be unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

One of the ways to shift a belief that isn’t serving you is to use the thought ladder and pull your belief up one rung at a time, gently moving beneath the glass limit of your belief pushing it a little higher gently over time.

Doing activities, thinking in ways that make you feel a little more lovable.
Sitting with the discomfort when your mind takes over and tries to divert you back into your cage, or your cave, or the relationship, whatever has been your safe space previously.
By soothing your emotions, acknowledging that you are actually alright, that you are in no real danger, and you don’t have to do anything with this emotional feeling, it will subside.
If the resistance is strong, time the feeling, see how long it really lasts, without feeding it any brain time.
I have found if I starve the uncomfortable feeling of brain time, by replacing it with a thought of what I want to feel, it subsides quickly.
Another way I have found to shift a belief that isn’t serving me is to write it in bold letters on a piece of paper, feel the emotions and sensations that are attached to this thought.
Sit with it for a few seconds, then to take a red pen and write the emotion or sensation I want over the top of my not wanted belief, using all the positive energy that goes with by desired belief, I overwrite, and feel.
Then I take the paper to the incinerator and have a burning ceremony, where I watch the unwanted belief go up in flames, knowing that my wanted belief is permeating the smoke.
For some reason this ritual is cleansing for me.
Another way I have found is to write what I want. My tutor calls it a life script, write what you want in detail, think about your ideal day, think about your ideal home, think about your ideal self.
As you write, feel, write and feel as if you are already living your ideal day.
Then record this script onto your phone, listen to it morning and evening.

Take note of what your brain is telling you. What are the thoughts that fly instantly into your mind? These are clues to your self beliefs, these are the things that need to be tidied up.
Everything is feedback, even the seemingly negative self talk.

Begin with loving yourself in the way you speak to yourself.
Self proclaimations are the most damaging, and the most liberating statements you can make to and about yourself.

Today’s question is… Which of the belief busters will you use today?

Until tomorrow, Try out all three busters and find one that is most comfortable for where you are today, the one that is the least threatening to your status quo.
then come back to the others in a weeks time, try the next least threatening, then in another week circle back around to the third, and if you are able don’t abandon any of the busters while you experiement with the others.

oxoxo Linda

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