Harmony: External & Internal Senses

Harmony: External and Internal Senses

Hello, My Friends

Did you try one of the belief busters from yesterday?
What is a belief?
A belief is as varied as there are people, a belief is a way of thinking, a paradigm.

It is a point of view that we see the world through.

We have and hold beliefs about everything.
The way people dress, to gender responsibilities, to money, to governmental responsibilities, all the way through to how we see ourselves fitting in or not fitting in.

A belief is a thought or ideal that has been impressed upon our minds, and often before we even knew we could think.

Our mind has two large components, in relation to beliefs at least, one is the conscious mind, this is where we think, we filter all the information that is sent to our brain from our physical senses.
Taste, touch, sight, hearing, odour. Our brain filters every thing, and it is often filtered through the unseen and unknown beliefs we have.
The other component of our brain is the subconscious mind. This mind is the real control centre.
This is the area where our beliefs live, where all our programming is done.

It is in this command centre that orders are given. We use our physical senses to guide us through this life.
What we are not taught is that we have also been given spiritual senses, to guide us as well.
These spiritual senses are not as strong as our physical senses.
It’s true what they say, the dog you feed the most and the best is the dog that will be the biggest and strongest.

Because we feed our conscious mind with physical stimuli all the time it is our dominant way of seeing life.
And because of beliefs instilled in our minds it can be a distorted way of seeing.

To find harmony within ourselves we must use both the external and internal senses to guide us.
Too much focus on one, leaves the other blurry. Harmony is about getting the balance between the two.

Today’s question is… External Senses or Internal Senses, which is dominant?

Until tomorrow, listen with your heart, stop being busy, stop thinking, just stop and listen to your heart pumping.
Find the harmony within you, between the external senses and your internal senses.

oxoxo Linda

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