Harmony: Expand your six internal senses.

Harmony: Expand your six internal senses.

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External sense or Internal senses, which is dominant?

What are your internal senses?

As I mentioned yesterday, we are familiar with our external senses, these are the senses we have been trained to use through the education system, through our home environments, through the views of the society and communities you are exposed to .

The internal senses are the unseen things, the unseen senses that we often feel, or have an awareness of.

  1. Perception: The lens with which you view the world, the way of thinking you have been trained to see through.
  2. Will: The determination and discipline to do something.
  3. Imagination: To build with your mind, visualize what you want and how you want it to feel and look.
  4. Memory: The ability to hold a thought in your mind and remember it. We all have a perfect memory, often we don’t train our memory to remember.
  5. Intuition: The ability to feel energy shifts of those around us, we pick up the vibrational shifts of energy in our surroundings.
  6. Reason: The ability to choose, to take information, decypher what it means, and make a decision.

These are all internal senses that are picked up by our conscious mind, filtered and then fed into our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind never sleeps, it is always receiving feedback, and it has no ability to discern between real and imagined.

As we learn to work with and expand the 6 internal senses along with our 5 external senses, we begin to get more in touch with our emotional/ subconscious mind.

As young children up to around the age of 7 years, our subconscious mind is always open, taking in everything, every emotion, every sense, every word, and feeling.
Children are finely tuned emotional beings, and as such may experience overwhelming sensations or vibrations in their bodies.

Today’s question is… Are you willing to expand your understanding and use of the six internal senses?

Until tomorrow, think about ways in which you already use these internal senses.

oxoxo Linda

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