How to Feel Better.

How to feel better.

Hello, My Friends

Three ways to feel better quickly.

1) Appreciate what you have.
This sounds pretty basic, but when we get into a funk it can be quite difficult to see what we already have, when we are focusing on what we don’t have, or on what isn’t working well.
Three things to appreciate.
1) Breathing, most of us breathe without giving it a second thought. Without breath we would not be here. Appreciate that you are still breathing.
2) Some where to stay, it may not be what you want right now. And you can change it, but for now be happy you have somewhere to call home.
3) Look around you, who is with you? Can you find something to appreciate about them being with you? If not, appreciate yourself, you are your number one asset, and you are with you all the time. Appreciate yourself.

2) Go for a walk outside.
Take yourself outside your four walls. Put the baby in the pram and go for a walk around the block. Stop and look at the flowers.
Throw on some pants and a top and go for a walk in the garden, find some sunshine and enjoy it.
Or if you are like me, walk in the rain, it is so therapeutic. I find it good for the soul.

3) Brain dump all your thoughts on paper.
Get all those mixed up, jumbled up, can’t decide thoughts out of your beautiful mind and onto paper.
It is my belief that thoughts belong on paper so we can look at them and decide if they are helpful or not.
If they are not helpful then I get to decide what I want to think instead.
And just clearing out the brain drain, putting it on paper frees you to think and breathe. You may also discover a solution you’ve been struggling to find.
Thoughts belong on paper. Write out your pain, write out your anger, write out your to do list, write out your hopes and dreams.
Write all the thoughts, the lovely dreamy thoughts, the horrible nasty thoughts, the regrets of past years, put it all on paper, then either burn it safely or destroy it.
I find burning the paper is so cleansing, it’s like spring cleaning my mind.

Those are my three recommendations for feeling better faster.

Have a fabulous day my friends.
Be your authentic self today.

oxox Linda

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